Weekday Ideas

Unami Burger:

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“LA-based burger-world-conquering chain Umami Burger has just arrived in Chicago via Milwaukee Ave, and along with it, a menu that plays to the tongue’s fifth taste known as “umami,” aka the Japanese term for “savory meatiness,” aka “whoa, this makes the burger taste phenomenal.” -Thrillist


Tres-Dollar-Tapas Happy Hour Café Ba-Ba-Reeba:

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“Named the grandaddy of Lincoln Park’s tapas joints, Café Ba-Ba-Reeba has a mix of delicious plates —think zesty Manchego, gooey goat cheese, and creamy tomato-doused garlic bread — available for a binge-worthy happy hour throughout the week. Get a pitcher (or pitchers) of one of their five custom sangrias — infused with raspberry, passionfruit, or white peach — or take a solarium cooler — a gin and soda, tanged with lime and cucumber — out to the Ba-Ba-Reeba solarium. ” -Sosh

Pop Art Icons Meet: Warhol & Marisol

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“While Warhol needs no introduction for most, Marisol may. She was a pop art icon who gave up painting after being inspired by Columbian artifacts and turned to wooden sculpture with intricately painted portraiture. It studies their relationship in the 1960s, at the time that both were discovering the trademark styles that would later make them famous: Warhol’s silk-screen technique, especially with mass media images, and Marisol’s famous flat, painted wooden sculptures.” -Chicagoist

Fried Chicken & Champagne Thursdays At Coppervine

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“Congrats, the week is almost through! How does some fried chicken and a bit of bubbly sound? You can get some for a steal at Coppervine, where the pairing goes for $20 every Thursday — it’s one of several new weekly specials at the restaurant.” – Chicago Magazine

Dealer’s Choice: A Cocktail Made Just For You; Berkshire Room

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“Sometimes you feel like rolling the dice. And playing Russian roulette with $14 cocktails at the Berkshire Room means the Dealer’s Choice cocktail, where you choose the spirit, flavor profile, and glassware, and the bartender does the rest. Consider it the Roomba of drinks.” -Thrillist


Chicago: The City of Big Data

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“Did you know data has become a 21st century design material? Architects, planners, engineers, and citizens increasingly use data to understand urban issues and spark design innovation. This explosion of digital information, known as “Big Data,” encompasses everything from data collected by environmental sensors to messages on social media.” – Chicago Architecture Foundation


Chef-Driven Juicery: Owen + Alchemy


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“What happens when a cool chef such as Jared Van Camp (Nellcôte, RM, Kinmont), who has discovered that cold-pressed juices with breakfast and lunch help him combat his type 1 diabetes, meets a hip entrepreneur such as Anne Owen? They brainstorm their way into Owen + Alchemy, a new eight-seat chef-driven liquid apothecary.” -Chicago Magazine



*All images courtesy of Sosh.com

Hidden Chicago Gems


My favorite app, Sosh, launched a few months ago in Chicago after gaining popularity in New York and San Francisco. Sosh gives you suggestions on activities to try out. There is always a new place to try, or a fun adventure to be had. Here are my top picks on Sosh right now.


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