Currently Craving: Spring Skirts & Sweatshirts

Hey guys! Sorry I have been MIA for quite some time. I went right from planning and executing the fashion show, to casually dying during the last two weeks with finals. After Tuesday, it’s smooth sailing and I’ll be releasing some pretty cool features. As you may have noticed, we have a new website! I love the new layout and hope you do too.

Anyway, two of my favorite things for this coming Spring season, which is hopefully right around the corner, are adorable spring skirts and crew neck sweatshirts. I love the mixture of ultra feminine pieces paired with something of an urban edge. The patterns I have been seeing around stores on skirts are new and refreshing, not to mention incredibly versatile for summer. Personally, I like to wear guys crewnecks over the girls versions. They are a bit looser and pair well with almost any bottom. Urban Outfitters has a great selection. If this look seems a little boxy to you or does not fit your body type right, try it with a cropped sweatshirt to show off your waist. I rounded up my favorite skirts and sweatshirts for this season below:

1. IC Popsicle Crewneck $68.00

2. Milly Piped Pencil Skirt $245.00

3. Saint Alfred $78.00

4. Rag & Bone Niki Flare Skirt $395.00

5. 10Deep Paradise Crew $128.00

6. Parker Bri Skirt $297.00

7. 10Deep SP13 Nightwork Crew $96.00

8. 10Deep SP13 Nightwork Crew- Navy Roses $96.00

9. Club Monaco Kate Printed Peplum Skirt $129.50

10. TOPSHOP Comic Pop Art Sweat $60.00

11. Club Monaco Cecilia Skirt $129.50

12. TOPSHOP Snake Sweat by Boutique $160.00

13. Adidas C90 Art Fleece Top $ 80.00

14. TOPSHOP Floral Hip Skater Skirt $ 76.00

15.  Rook FastFood Crew Sweatshirt $54.00

16. Sparkle & Fade Embossed Scuba Skirt $49.00

17. Lazy Oaf Pattern Sleeve Crew Sweatshirt $54.00

18. Urban Outfitters, Biggie King of NYC crew sweatshirt $54.00

19. Pins and Needles Textured Circle Skirt $49.00

20. Urban Outfitters Polka Red Stripe Crew Sweatshirt $54.00

21. Fire Tropical Woven Circle Skirt $49.00