Blackhead 101

Summer. So amazing for our souls, but so bad for our skin. Summer weather means dirt and grime building up in our pores, thus producing tons of pesky blackheads. A solid routine can help put an end to these little guys, for good.

1. Scrub. every. damn. day. Every morning, whether it be in or out of the shower, make sure to use an exfoliating face wash to open up your pores. Sebum, a sticky oil that causes blackheads, can get stuck in your pores and create a deeper issue later on. Squash it before it starts.

Our Pick: Burt’s Bees Peach & Willow Bark scrub; formulated with willow bark extract, this facial scrub deep cleans pores and gently exfoliates to remove dead skin cells as finely ground peach stone polishes for a smooth complexion. This 100% natural scrub removes dirt and excess oil, leaving you with a refreshingly clean feel and naturally healthy-looking skin.

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 11.32.50 PM

2. Tone. The goal when using a toner, is to tighten your pores. Focus on spots where excess grease and oil build up, like your t-zone, forehead, and nose. If you have oily skin, this step is especially important for you. A toner can help keep shiny skin at bay, leading to a matte complexion. Stay away from dry areas, because toner will dry them out further and cause flaky patches.

Our Pick: Bliss Steep Clean Mattifying Toner Pads; I have been a long time user of Bliss products, and my skin thrives when using anything from the world class spa’s Steep Clean collection. These are perfect for oily and combination skin to reduce mid-day shine without leaving your cheeks peeling or parched. With salicylic acid, smartsponge technology (self activating oil-control spheres), and dead cell digesting enzymes, these are a no brainer.

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 11.42.58 PM

3. Two words: soft skin. After scrubbing and toning, you want to rehydrate your parched face with a non-oily moisturizer. Choose one with SPF to make sure your face is always protected.

Our Pick: Simple Vital Vitamin Day Cream, SPF 15; This cream smooths and moisturizes in a flash. Listen to Allure: “this gentle moisturizer coddles even very sensitive and occasionally inflamed skin with natural, nonirritating ingredients. ”

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 11.49.50 PM

4. Weekly mini facial. Pick a morning or night once a week, preferably after you get out of the shower to prevent dirt on skin, and really take the time to treat your skin. This may seem like a lot of effort, but this could be the difference between major blackhead drama, or clear skin. I use three different masks every Thursday morning and then follow it up with a heavy moisturizer. I’ve found that since I started this routine, my skin has a better tone, less blackheads, and I rarely have breakouts.

Our Picks, In Order Of Use:

a. Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask: This dermatologist-tested formula has the acne-fighting power of Benzoyl Peroxide to kill bacteria and treat existing breakouts. Cooling intensity builds as it penetrates deep into pores.

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 11.54.43 PM

b. Bliss Steep Clean Pore Purifying Mask: This pore plunging, clog clearing mask will transform skin into a scene of extremely clean when used weekly for 15 minutes. Intensive exfoliation, oil elimination, and deep pore purging are a perfect for all (but especially pimple prone) skin types.

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 11.56.07 PM

c. Algenist Algae Brightening Mask: This will always be my go to product. No other product has given me results like this algae mask. Pricey, but worth every penny. The mask gently exfoliates with real leaves of sea kelp and delivers powerful antioxidant protection in a beautiful, freshly scented blue-green algae silt base. Its expert formulation is designed to visibly brighten, smooth, and hydrate while pampering your skin. If this is ever discontinued, I will cry.

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Your Summer Fling

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 8.00.32 PM


Today, Streetstylechi gets a little personal. Valentine’s day 2014. My boyfriend insisted on keeping our plans for the night as a surprise, so hand in hand, we trotted through the snow into the unknown; which turned out to be a food and wine pairing at Pastoral, our favorite neighborhood spot. Already giddy from the romantic atmosphere and perfect dinner, I told him about how every Valentine’s day, my father would get me a box of Godiva chocolate covered strawberries. A huge smile spread across his face. When we got home, a big box of Godiva strawberries magically appeared out of the fridge. I immediately ate three, and thought about how lucky I was.

Godiva has always had a very soft spot in my heart. Every Valentine’s day, my dad would always bring home the heftiest box of chocolates he could, and strawberries just for me. When my family would make trips to OakBrook mall, you can bet on anything that we made a stop at the Godiva store. This is how I discovered the  Trufflelata, a fresh twist on a frozen shake that has a GODIVA truffle in every sip, and a premium Belgian Soft Serve. So, basically this is heaven in a cup.

No time for lunch before class? Clearly this is a great excuse to eat Godiva’s soft serve as a meal, my personal favorite being the chocolate.

With this being said, all of these chocolate splurges can get pricey, which is why I would take advantage of the Godiva happy hour. This is also why you should enter the Date With Godiva contest for a chance to win one of five, $25 gift cards. Simply comment on this post answering the question; “What was your most memorable summer fling?

I will be picking my favorites, so show me what you’ve got! Good luck!


Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 8.11.34 PM

*Photos courtesy of Godiva. This post was sponsored by Godiva Chocolates.




Style Guide: Lollapalooza




1. Black and White Matching Set, Necessary Clothing. 2. Floral Romper, Necessary Clothing. 3. Seashell Clutch, Akira. 4. Leather Baseball hat, Necessary Clothing. 5. Nude Zip Wedges, TopShop. 6. Crocheted Open Back Dress, Akira. 7. Evil Eye Tank Dress, Necessary Clothing. 8. Mophie Charging IPhone Case, Mophie. 9. Turquoise Earrings, TopShop. 10. Blue Crochet Bra, Free People. 11. White Tank Dress, Free People. 12. White Off The Shoulder Crochet Dress, Free People. 13. Black Birkenstocks. 14. Beaded Cross-Body Phone Case, ASOS. 15. Black Cross-Back Bra, Free People. Silver Rain Jacket, ASOS. 16. Gold Head Chain, Free People. 17. Floppy Hat, Free People.


The Perfect Day To Night Dress


There really aren’t a lot of things better than a piece of clothing that makes you look and feel your best. With a change of clothes, my day can take a turn for the better. During the summer, that means rotating my favorite sun dresses day to day for a polished but easy look. Luckily, there is never a shortage of updated styles for a fresh new look.

I am not a fan of changing outfits multiple times in one day, so if I can get away with wearing the same thing to go meet friends for dinner or grab drinks with my boyfriend, I will. The key to taking a dress from day to night, are your accessories. Pair a dress during the day with white Birkenstocks, and switch it up at night with a pair of nude wedges.

I found the perfect day to night dress while in Georgia, at Lily Pulitzer. I opted for the dark blue version to stay simple, but it also comes in hot pink. The fabric is very light and won’t feel heavy in the heat. The slip is a little bit shorter than the lace material on the outside, showing a little bit of leg at the end.


Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 4.21.06 PM

Beach Cover-Ups That Won’t Make You Look Like A Grandma


With the lakefront right at our front door in Chicago, I have a feeling leisurely Saturdays and Sundays will be spent in the sand playing paddle ball and reading magazines with our toes in the water. When you need to cover up a little more, ditch the over sized t-shirt you’ve had since 6th grade and go for something a little bit more grown up.

Cover-ups can be fun and fashionable at any price. I found five that I am currently lusting over and transition well from a day at the beach to a late afternoon beer at the bar. Accessorize with a bright plastic neon chain(like these I found on Etsy), or small gold hoops. Slick your hair back to keep a polished look, and you are good to go!

1. Clover Canyon. 2. Topshop. 3. Vix Swimwear. 4. Echo. 5. Rhode Resort.

beach cover ups

Sorry For Partying

When I think of a graphic t-shirt, the uncomfortable, ill fitting, free shirts I got as a college freshman immediately enter my mind. I never thought I would be caught happily wearing a graphic T in public.

Graphic t-shirts are having a major moment right now. Easy to throw on and comfortable, they are the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. Witty sayings, city skylines, and artistic designs help give the shirt an editors stamp of approval.Souvenir shirts bought in the airport on your college spring break do not count. InStyle recommends finding a looser shirt that fits squarely on the shoulders.

You can give yourself an instant slim down by utilizing something called “the editors tuck.” If you spend any time on street style blogs that camp outside at every fashion week, you will notice that the women only tuck the front of their shirt in. This draws the eye to the part of the shirt that is tucked in, creating a slimmer waist. Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 10.04.30 AM

My personal favorite graphic T? The Sorry For Partying concoction that Milly cooked up for summer. Durable viscose makes up the shirt so it won’t fall apart after one wash. Dress it up or down all summer and, well, keep the party going.

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 10.07.36 AM

FOUND: The Perfect Swimsuit for $30


While I am not usually a fan of large chain stores due to quality, one thing that I like to stock up on is swimsuits from H&M. I’m not sure what it is, but they always seem to have the perfect fit and just the right amount of eye catching features that make me go back for more. While they will not last you more than a season, I consider a good fit worth it.

My personal favorite is made mostly out of elastic, making it stretch or shrink to fit your curves in just the right way. At about $30 for the top and bottom, you can get it in all four colorways offered.

Bikini Top, $17.95. Bikini Bottom, $12.95.


Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 1.27.58 PM

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 1.28.08 PM