Calm Dry Skin & A Sunburn

We have all been there. A trip to the beach easily becomes a day in the sun, leaving your skin dried out or worse, a little red. Although it is always important to reapply SPF throughout the day, usually with a body lotion and a separate face lotion for maximum benefits, sometimes you just can’t fight it.

If you find yourself a victim of the suns damaging rays, there is a quick fix to sooth the burn. Try applying a calming mask to your face as soon as you get home and out of the sun. This will help drench your skin with moisture, and sooth the red spots and reduce inflammation. Not working? Store some aloe gel in the fridge and slather it on your face after the mask.

My top favorites would be Yes To Cucumbers, Sephora’s Pearl Mask, and Boscia Cool Blue Calming Mask. None of these masks will break the bank, so go ahead and give your skin some TLC.

dry skin