Tanqueray Brings Innovative Minds To Chicago: Coltrane Curtis, Ronnie Fieg, Jason Geter, and Maxwell Osborne Talk Building Their Brands

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“We see this program as a riff on the traditional trunk show,” said Keith Scott, Tanqueray Senior Brand Manager. “The leaders on our panel are sharing both their in-demand physical creations, as well as their personal take on how to play and win the style game. Our goal is to inspire and equip the next generation of successful entrepreneurs, while enjoying some great cocktails and compelling music along the way.”
 Top industry leaders don’t follow the yellow brick road, they pave their own path.  This past week, Tanqueray brought Common, Maxwell Osborne of Public School and Black Apple, Ronnie Fieg of Kith NYC, Jason Geter of Grand Hustle Records and manager to Iggy Azalea, and Coltrane Curtis, founder of Team Epiphany, together in Chicago for a unique panel discussing their rise to the top of their fields. In a culture that is constantly changing, Coltrane Curtis, Maxwell Osborne, and Jason Geter continue to dominate at the top. These men are responsible for setting the trends for mass amounts of consumers and have an in depth knowledge of the fields they play in.
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Gin brand Tanqueray launched Tanqueray Trunk Show in January which aims to bring mentorship through progressive style via six private events across the country. Style aficionado Marc Katz was on site to chat with Curtis, Osborne, and Geter in between panel sessions. Katz sat down with Curtis, Geter, and Osborne to get the scoop on topics you won’t find by googling their Wikipedia page.
Team Epiphany recognized early on that brands need new ways to connect with consumers, offline as well as online. While this might seem simple in theory, it isn’t an easy task to take on. Coltrane Curtis recognized this hole in branding early on, and after exiting his first two large corporate jobs at Complex Media and Ecko, created Team Epiphany as a full service creative agency. Curtis credits his father as being the driving force behind creating Team Epiphany, who sadly passed away three years ago and ran his own marketing firm for 25 years. Curtis says: “It was a way for me to put my dreams and goals together and follow my passion of marketing with a twist of creative culture.”
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Public Schools co-founder Maxwell Osborne was born and bred in New York City. Osborne credits his deep interest in fashion and music as being his driving force for choosing to attend fashion school and soon after make it a lifestyle. Like many aspiring designers, Osborne spent years working the undesirable odd jobs required before making it to the top. If Maxwell could give one tip to designers on the rise, it would be to truly know and understand the business side of fashion. Orborne credits part of his success to partnership with Dao-Yi Chow, saying that collaboration in creative thought is necessary in any industry.
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Like Maxwell Osborne, Jason Geter was raised in New York and grew up in the Bronx and Brooklyn area. Geter came from a traditional family that believed in attending a four year college and then going straight into corporate America. While he did not know exactly what he wanted to do professionally, he decided to move into the music industry after being connected with family friends that worked on The Notorious B.I.G’s albums.. Geter signed his first artist by the name of T.I. and has continued to help clients climb to the top, including Iggy Azelea.
 To keep up to date with the Tanqueray Trunk Show, check out their video on Style & Access.
 Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 4.43.52 PMReporting via Marc Katz and Sarah Aiken for StreetStyleChi.com
Photography: Marisa McWilliams

Detroit Made

“Why not accept that manufacturing is gone from this country? Why not let the rust and weeds finish what they started? Why not just embrace the era of disposability? And why didn’t we buy a warmer coat before we moved here?”

These are the questions the team at Shinola ask themselves throughout the long winter. As more and more companies start to move out of the US, Shinola is opening more factories and stores within boundaries; specifically in Detroit and around Michigan. Shinola chose Detroit because they are both restoring beauty and history to something that was once vibrant; in one case, a watch company, and the other: a city.

Shinola started out as a shoe polish company in World War I and World War II, and slowly disappeared. In 2001, after being bought by another group of investors, Shinola decided to try again with luxury watches, leather goods, and now, bicycles that are all produced in the US. They bought a portion of an automotive factory and opened for business. I like Shinola as a company because they truly seem invested in their employees: training them with Swiss partner Ronda AG and giving them a chance to become great at something.

Shinola is one of the few watch makers based out of the US, and gets all of their leather for goods and watch straps from the Horween Leather Factory in Chicago, which is the oldest leather tannery in the US opened in 1905. Shinola recently opened their own leather factory in Detroit, and plans on starting to produce small leather goods through it by the end of the year.

I recently ordered a watch from Shinola, and was impressed by the quality of the watch and small personal touches. Every watch comes with a serial number, and a card with who made the watch. The watches come in beautiful wooden boxes, and really stand out from other companies.

You can check out Shinola on their website.

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Gift Guide: For The Man


mens gift guide1. Harry’s Shaving Kit. 2. Lexdray San Diego Pack. 3. Rap Coloring Book. 4. Mr + Muse. 5. Cube Clock. 6. Fools Gold Records IPhone Cases. 7. “My Other Shirt is an Alphet” T-shirt. 8. A Bathing Ape Cork Coasters. 9. Ali 6 Original Painting.

Haberdash Unveils New Look at South Loop Store

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Haberdash, Chicago’s go to menswear spot, is launching a new South Loop store, which gives shoppers an inside look at the behind the scenes happenings.It comes as no surprise that they are raising the bar for men’s retail with the first ever “Convergence” concept.

“Through the launch of the new model, our clients are now able to fully interact in a new way and experience Omni-Channel retailing first hand,” says Haberdash Brand Marketing Manager, Kimberly Stablein. Adding that “the new experience will showcase a fully interactive photo studio that is visible to the public along with the pick, pack and ship operation to show the usually behind-the-scenes process.”

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The new Convergence concept allows Haberdash to be more efficient while also offering clients the best customer service. Now at Haberdash’s store, a consumer can find everything they need: coffee, barbershop, and edited wardrobe selections, as well as experience Haberdash’s daily e-commerce operations: photo studio, pick, pack and ship operations, and client services…all converged under one roof.

Haberdash’s stylists offer clients modern, cool, and old school aesthetic from a highly edited selection of brands including Alden, Eidos Napoli, Southwick for Haberdash, Barbour and Hardy Amies to Gitman Vintage, Filson, Shinola, Baldwin Denim, and Wolverine 1000 Mile.

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Haberdash South Loop is now open. The store is located at the Shops at Roosevelt Collection, 150 W. Roosevelt Road.

Store Hours: Monday through Saturday 10 am to 7 pm, Sundays 12 pm to 6 pm


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Best Spring Oxfords


It’s not hard to update your wardrobe for Spring. A simple, light weight, oxford with jeans and boat shoes is a classic look that will never fail you, day or night. There is never an excuse for leaving your apartment in a sloppy outfit. Putting on nice shirt and jeans is just as easy as throwing on sweatpants and a t-shirt, right? It doesn’t matter if you are an office guy in business, or a fratty guy at the bar, grab a few polished oxfords to update your look. It’s time to give up the gym shirts.


best spring oxfords

1. Teal Oxford. 2. Light Red Oxford. 3. Navy and White Striped Oxford. 4. Dark Blue Floral Oxford. 5. Chambray Oxford.

Style Spotlight: Oleg Grachev

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Favorite Look: Versus Versace Fall 2014 RTW

Photo: Style.com

Photo: Style.com

Style Spotlight: Marc


Marc has been one of my long time friends at DePaul, and this is not his first appearance on StreetStyleChi. Luckily, when we met up and braved the cold to shop in Wicker Park, I had my camera with me. Marc’s classic style with an urban edge gets me every time. The classic pea coat layered with a heavy sweater is a nice alternative to the puffy jackets flooding the streets of Chicago. It’s time for everyone to step up their game.

Find a similar one, here.

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J. Toor Fashion Show

Photos: Frankie de Guzman


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MensWear 2.0

August 31st 2013

I remember the days when men thought having a sense of style was throwing on a Ralph Lauren polo, khaki shorts, and calling it a day.

Thankfully, this is not the case anymore. In the current day and age, we have men swearing by their favorite brands just as often as we have women with their cult favorites. Men are now layering their looks, and tossing on chains and accessories the way we slide on a wrist full of bracelets.

My personal favorite look that has evolved to be edgy yet refined, is mens streetwear. While the preppy, collar popping boy will always be a classic look that we’ll all love, it’s fun to see guys dressed in a new way.

Although I am a girl, I do take style inspiration from many men style stars. For example: Gerald Gillum [G-Eazy,] Baauer [I see you in those Free Flyknits boy,] Grady Brannan, Frankie de Guzman [StyleThroughMyEyes,] Derek Blasberg…and the list goes on and on.