Battle Of The Gowns


In the past week, two very influential women in the celebrity world took their marriage vows. One, in a highly publicized secret ceremony, the other, with sister Cara Delevingne by her side in a little more of a low key event.

We both know that I am referring to Kim Kardashian and Poppy Delevingne. What do we really care about? The ring and the dress. One of which we saw a long time ago, the other, is still new and interesting. Kim wore a custom couture Givenchy gown, while Poppy opted for custom Chanel.

Personally, I love both dresses, and the women in them have two completely different body types, and each dress compliments them perfectly. You really cannot go wrong with Givenchy or Chanel. Custom couture? Sign me up.

Which one would you wear?


Photos: E! News Online

Photos: E! News Online


Photo: Lucky Mag Online

Photo: Lucky Mag Online



The Infamous Kardashian Birkin

December 2013

Three days ago, world famous reality star Kim Kardashian posted a picture of a Birkin bag and press blew up. What’s so special about this bag, other than the fact that this Hermes starts at $11,000? This one is hand painted by famed artist George Condo. Kim’s social media blew up with harsh comments, mostly to the effect of “How could she ruin that bag?” West is known for his own out of the ordinary style, so why would we expect anything less from his gifts?

West made a statement that he wanted to give Kim something that was “one of one.” It’s true…what do you get the person that has everything? Normal paintings on canvas easily run up to as much as the combined cost of the Birkin and the commissioned painting, so I am not quite understanding the controversy behind the bag.

What do you think?