“Buying You A Drink At The Bar Is Essentially A Live Tinder Swipe”

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 5.48.21 PMLet’s chat about Total Frat Move. Throughout the week, their articles about drinking, women, and the obnoxious things they do fill up my Facebook and Twitter news-feed, and I think to myself…why do people find this interesting at our age? Are we still 19 settling for a night out at Lions Head or Mad River because we don’t know any better? Side note: pretty sure these bars are the headquarters for guys on Tinder.

I recently stumbled upon an article posted on Why Girls Shouldn’t Wear High Waisted Shorts, which goes on to tell us that we should dress for the male eye, and not for ourselves, which in itself, I have a very large problem with. I get it. High-waisted shorts give us a flat pancake ass…but who cares? This led me to click on Why I Buy Girls Drinks.

“I’d like to say definitively here that if you are a girl I’ve never met and I buy you a drink in a bar, it is with the intention of sleeping with you. Let everyone know, sound the horn, release the carrier pigeons! Then maybe we can all come to this consensus: if you accept, you are not entirely eliminating the possibility. Maybe you won’t that night, but perhaps sometime in the future. It’s essentially a live Tinder swipe. You’re not obligated (duh) but the possibility is not zero. (Unless you accept my offer of a Fireball shot. Then you’re definitely giving it up.)”

My issue with TFM is not the fact that they are “fratty,” but the fact that they are openly disrespecting women all over the place. This does not apply to JUST them. Think about the dozens (hundreds?) of leaked emails we see constantly being released in the news.

My question is: when did this become okay? With hook-up culture not just being abnormal, but the new norm, it has become acceptable to openly disrespect the female part of society. As a current Junior at DePaul U in Chicago, I have seen this issue get perpetually worse over the years, and it does not seem like it’s going to get any better. Who are we helping by encouraging this kind of treatment?

What are your thoughts on the piece?