Easy Decorating Upgrade

The first thing I do when I get into my bedroom, is take off my jewelry. This leads to me forgetting where I put it down, and freaking out that I lost my prized possessions. I started putting my jewelry in a glass on my desk. Convenient, yes. An eye sore, definitely.

An easy decorating upgrade and quick fix for this solution is to get cute, but inexpensive bowls, and place them wherever you spend the most time. I found one that I really like from Target. It has soft colors and is shaped like something out of the sea.

Threshold Wave Bowl, $9.99 at Target.


Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 5.28.37 PM

Update Your Office


There is nothing worse than being stuck in an ugly space, but there are ways to fix that little issue. Many designer brands have started branching out into houseware, including Kate Spade. There is no excuse to be boring with their adorable paperclips, lucite desk accessories, and candles that smell as good as they look. Give your space an update with a few quick fixes. Maybe you’ll whistle while you work.




1. Paper Clips, Kate Spade. . 2. Lucite stapler, Kate Spade for Urban Girl Office Supply. 3. Lucite Tape Holder, Kate Spade for Urban Girl Office Supply. 4. “Keep It Together” Paper Weight, Kate Spade. 5. Gold Foil Manilla Folders, Kate Spade for Urban Girl Office Supply. 6. “Start Something New” Candle, Kate Spade.