How To Fake Great Cheekbones: A Beginners Guide

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So…there are a few other things besides Victoria’s Secret model hair that we strive for…one of them being the sunken cheekbones we stare at in magazine pages and on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram. While we don’t all have Gucci Westman to give us the glam treatment, we can definitely do a pretty damn good job ourselves. Shockingly, it is incredibly easy and only takes a few short minutes. Contouring is not meant to change the face dramatically for day to day wear, but it can be a quick improvement to your daily make up routine. I contour my cheeks daily, and add a little extra when I wear a bright lipstick or pull my hair back in a ponytail. It’s that extra “pop” that pulls my look together. I scooped some tips up from Jillian Dempsey, a celeb favorite, and make up Goddess.

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1. Do not draw dark stripes along the sides of your face. This is the #1 contouring mistake women commit.

2. Suck in your cheeks to find the natural line of indentation, as if you are going in for a kiss.

3. Invest in a big fan brush. One with real hair will give you a cleaner application, it is not something to skimp on although it seems frivolous.

4. Swipe contour powder from the hollows of your cheeks, all the way up to your ears with a light hand. Swipe your brush into the powder, and then knock it on your wrist to remove excess dust.

5. Lay your brush just below your ears, and blend like you have never blended before. Blend all the way from your ears to the hollows of your cheeks.The powder should almost disappear.

6. Use a small amount of highlighter that matches your skin tone and has a slight shimmer to even out your look. Apply it to the bridge of your nose, the cupids bow, and the middle of your chin.