You. Me. Madewell. May 1st.


If you already have plans Thursday, May 1st, you should probably clear your schedule. If you don’t? Now you do. Why?



I’m hosting a party at Madewell on Rush st. So come hangout with me, sip, snack…and best of all, shop. The new Madewell campaigns feature Erin Wasson with the theme Cool. Sexy. Tomboy. Sounds ideal to me, right? I’ll be styling throughout the night, so get ready.

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 12.23.52 PM

We’ll also be having a little styling contest. Three attendees will be competing to style a look against me, on the spot, no preparation. Think you have what it takes? Let the games begin. I popped into Madewell the other day to get a head start, and instantly fell in love with the Latticework midi skirt.


madewell skirt


Can’t make the event? I am judging you (not really.) However, Madewell is having a fun contest of their own. A tote is a bag we use everyday. Lugging school books to class, binders to the office, or just running between meetings across the city. Since your tote is such a crucial part of your everyday wardrobe, it should be cute. Madewell wants to see what’s in your bag. Upload an image on Instagram of what’s in your bag or where you’re carrying it (can be a Madewell tote or whatever you carry and love) with hashtag #totewell. The photogs behind Madewell’s three favorite snaps will each receive a $1,000 gift card.* You have until May 19th, so start snapping.


Photos: Kohl Murdock.

Style Spotlight: Oleg Grachev

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Women Dressing For Women vs. Women Dressing For Men

Last year, I wrote a piece about being a fashionable man repeller in the dating world. When you dress for fashion, you are probably not attracting the opposite sex very often. Drop crotch pants, over-sized sweaters, and leather sweatpants do not exactly articulate a “come hither” look that boys usually fawn over, which can be a little discouraging.

I am currently in a history class that focuses mainly on the unspoken history of women in regards to men. We had a discussion the other day about why women do what they do, and if unconsciously, it is all related to men and their wants and needs. This got me thinking about the subject of why we wear what we wear. Why do women wear bandage skirts, or form fitting dresses, or five inch heels? It surely isn’t because it’s comfortable. I cannot tell you how many times I have scrolled through my Twitter feed and seen a piece titled “The Ten Things He Wants To See you In” on or Glamour Mag.

This is where it gets interesting. Are we really dressing for men…or are we dressing for other women? Women are taught that we need to be the prettiest, the thinnest, have the best hair…but in comparison to who? The other girls in the room. Technically, if it came down to it, women dress to get a mans attention compared to the ten other chicks attempting to do the same thing. For some reason, we just care about being perceived a certain way by other women. So are other women really the ones holding the power?

While I think all of this has become prevalent in today’s culture, especially young adult culture, there is the exception to the rule. I know a lot of positive females who don’t think twice about who finds their outfit attractive, and just go for it. I really love and admire that. Maybe this would be another step towards women helping each other instead of trying to tear each other down. What are your thoughts on women dressing for women vs. women dressing for men?