Major Key: Vital Proteins

You may have seen coworkers or friends put this magical powder in their coffee or smoothie and wondered, what does it actually do? I am all for making sure my body gets the right nutrients it needs, so when I learned more about Vital Proteins and then tried it for myself, I was really impressed by the results. Vital Proteins is grass-fed collagen peptides and for those of you who might not know what collagen is, it’s a protein found in our bodies most abundantly in our bones, skin, muscles and tendons. Cool, Lex. So what? SO our bodies might not have as much collagen in our body as we would like and that’s where Vital Proteins comes in to save the day. It helps with hair growth, skin, nails, bones and joints. Where did I see the most significant results? Hair growth and healthy hair for sure. My hair grows relatively quick to begin with, but my hair SPRUNG after a month of using a scoop of VP in my coffee or smoothie everyday… not to mention it has a super smooth texture and shine to it. One morning I had to do an awkward double take in the mirror because my eye lashes looked abnormally long and I didn’t even put mascara on yet! So all in all, it works and it tastes good too. I like the vanilla and coconut water flavor but they do have unflavored options too! I usually use the vanilla and coconut water flavor in my coffee during the week and beauty greens coconut vanilla flavor in my smoothies on the weekend.

Vital Proteins is such an easy add in to my daily routine that now I’m at the point where something is off if I don’t have it in my coffee or smoothie! There are so many recipes that you can mix it in yummy goodies too.. I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. As for now, I am taking this amazing find as a major key to help jump start my day and overall health and wellness.

Happy Friday!


This post included complimentary product. 

Beauty Products You Should Know About

Usually when I find a beauty product I like, I remain a loyal user for years on end. Lately I have been feeling more adventurous and expanding my beauty horizons with new beauty products that I am excited to share! Overnight creams, concealers and face polishes. There are so many to choose from so how do you know which one is best for you? I am always a little hesitant in trying products because I do not want to irritate my skin, but so far so good! You will find throughout the reviews that all really do a great job on moisture, which to me is one of my skin’s top priority to maintain.

What beauty product do you swear by? Comment below and let me know!



TULA Multi-Spectrum Overnight Skin Rescue Treatment

Having dry skin, I focus a lot on moisture and how long the product keeps my skin hydrated. I have used TULA for about a month and I wake up with a fresh face that is ready for a days work. It contains probiotics and peptides which helps lock in moisture for extended periods of time. If you are willing to splurge on a night cream, I would definitely recommend this product!

C.O. Bigelow Sugar Crystal Face Polish

I always leave the bathroom with a little glow to my complexion and feel so fresh after using this face polish. I use this product around 2 times a week and it helps scrub away dead skin cells and dirt from my skin.. which is always a plus after a long day at work, the gym, or outside! I love the strawberry seeds that help serve as a scrub too! Versatile much?! I think yes.


MALLY Beauty H3 Concealer

Again, I use concealers with caution in fear of causing dryness over time but this concealer actually helps with hydration and gives the same glow all day! I use LIGHT and whenever I use it, it doesn’t move at all.


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Beauty and Travel Guide: Palm Springs

It’s been awhile since my last post! Some might think of Palm Springs as the center of Coachella festivities, while others like myself grew up knowing Palm Springs as a place of hot weather, lots of golfing, and retirement. The last few years, I have taken a vacation with my family and developed a new perspective on Palm Springs and love that it is becoming such a youthful and vibrant city!

That being said, I am excited to share my travel guide for Palm Springs, both what to do and what beauty products to travel with. Being a California native, writing this post makes me even more excited and I hope it gives you some ideas if you travel to the desert.

See below for a few of my travel musts when it comes to beauty products and places I am going to stop by over the holiday weekend!

Do you have any travel plans for Memorial Day Weekend? Please think positive thoughts as I hope to come back a bronzed warrior and not a red lobster.

Beauty Product Travel Necessities

Tula Multi-Spectrum Overnight Skin Rescue Treatment : I am going to be LIVING in the sun all day for the next week, so this is essential to make sure my skin is getting the moisture it needs at night. This cream is SO moisturizing and I wake up with bright, rejuvenated skin in the morning!

KORRES Wild Rose Vitamin C Active Brightening Oil: My one and only oil love that serves as my serum before I use my moisturizer and foundation!

KORRES Wild Rose 24-Hour Moisturising and Brightening Cream: This moisturizer pairs so well with the Wild Rose Brightening Oil and it really lasts all day. My face never gets dry and has never irritated my skin since using it!

St. Tropez Classic Bronzing Mousse 1.6 oz: I mean let’s face it, I am rather fair skinned, so I love using St. Tropez as a base before being out in the sun! It doesn’t streak, looks natural, and stays on for a few days before I have to reapply.

Hourglass Illusion Hyaluronic Skin Tint – Ivory: I have always used the same liquid foundation so I am so glad I tried a sample of this from Sephora and ended up purchasing it! It is an all Vegan product with no oils or random ingredients. It gives me a bright ivory glow and has SPF too!

Travel Guide: Palm Springs

Like I mentioned, we know Palm Springs for being the Disneyland of Coachella weekend. But what else is worth checking out? See below for a few hot spots *no pun intended.*

Ice Cream & Shoppe


DesertX: Mirage by Doug Aitken


The Shops at Thirteen Forty Five


The Saguaro Palm Springs


Your hopeful soon to be bronzed warrior,


Other Products that I love:

How do you TLSP? Translucent Loose Setting Powder by Laura Mercier

I never was a translucent loose setting powder kind of gal. I use my Chanel VitaLumiere Foundation, a little bronzer and Hourglass highlighter and I am good to go. I recently received Laura Mercier’s Translucent Loose Setting Powder (Thank you Influenster and Laura Mercier for the complimentary product!) and let me tell you, this setting powder is EVERYTHING. I highly recommend using the “baking” technique to set the powder under your eyes- your makeup does not move and looks great from day into evening. You simply let the powder sit on your skin for ten minutes and then brush of the remaining powder with a fluffy brush. I would definitely recommend this makeup product to any beauty gals out there. The TLSP absorbs oil and reduces shine all day so you’ll never have a shiny forehead in selfies!

Using it is super easy. Simply use the TLSP after you apply your foundation, and then go on to apply your bronzer and highlighter. Boom! You are ready for a night on the town.

Application Technique:

  1. Load your velour puff with TLSP
  2. Fold puff in half, work powder into puff, rubbing both halves together
  3. Tap off excess powder
  4. Fold puff into taco shape. Press and roll, puff onto skin to set foundation.

If you haven’t tried TLSP yet, you should try Laura Mercier’s! I love trying new techniques and when I want a more matte look, this is my jam.

Have you tried it before? How do you TLSP? Let me know!



Sweater: H&M

Photography by Brittany Benson.

The Perfect Brunch in Chicago

Brunch in Chicago is more than just your average pancake house. In Chicago, it’s an activity or a full blown experience. 3 Arts Club Cafe at Restoration Hardware is hands down one of the most classy, delicious, and all around beautiful brunch experiences in the city. You might know Restoration Hardware as an upscale furniture store but here, it is more.

Deeply embedded within the historical streets of Gold Coast, lies a once upon a time all women’s boarding house, with room after room, and a grand atrium in the middle. Now you can walk around this magical space with a glass of rose looking at different interior design decorations while you wait to be seated for brunch. (I recommend getting their early or the wait will be long!) They have a great menu with everything from a delicious scramble (pictured below) or an elevated grilled cheese and burger. So far, I have tried a number of items on the menu and have yet to be disappointed. The service is great and a special thank you to the RH staff for always ensuring a lovely time at 3 Arts Club Cafe.

If you are visiting Chicago, dining here is a must. It has quickly become one of the top things to do in Chicago and even when I live here, this charming experience never gets old. Looking for a cute date spot to get out of the house? Gentleman, you score major brownie points going here.

The Food.
Restoration Hardware 3 Arts Club Cafe Chicago Restoration Hardware 3 Arts Club Cafe Chicago Restoration Hardware 3 Arts Club Cafe Chicago Restoration Hardware 3 Arts Club Cafe Chicago Restoration Hardware 3 Arts Club Cafe Chicago


The Outfit.
Restoration Hardware 3 Arts Club Cafe Chicago Restoration Hardware 3 Arts Club Cafe Chicago Restoration Hardware 3 Arts Club Cafe Chicago

Restoration Hardware 3 Arts Club Cafe Chicago
Restoration Hardware 3 Arts Club Cafe Chicago Restoration Hardware 3 Arts Club Cafe Chicago Restoration Hardware 3 Arts Club Cafe Chicago

Sweater: Club Monaco // Jeans: Topshop at Nordstrom // Boots: Steve Madden // Purse: Steve Madden (similar here and here!)

The Outfit Essentials


Shades: Chanel

Questions on a few of my other favorite Chicago go-tos? Comment below and I’d love to share.




Let’s Play with Eye Shadow Clay by Laura Mercier

I seem to go through phases when it comes to eye shadows depending on my mood. Lately, I go for a peachy sparkle all over my lid for a toned down day time look or a flared smokey eye and shimmery browns to transition from day to night. Recently, Laura Mercier’s Editorial Eye Palette Intense Clays showed up at my door to play with and the palette is just as dreamy as I imagined.



What I love most about these six highly pigmented clay-textured eye colors is that the colors are easily blend-able and you can soften or heighten them depending on what kind of look you are going for. All of the colors are soft and go on as almost a liquid shadow, if you will. Personally, I think they are super smooth and easy to work with- exactly what you want in a palette.

I loved when I first put on the Metallik Platinum color as a base- my brown eyes quickly became bright and fun, a more natural look, but just right if you want a little color on your eyes.

At first glance, I was concerned that the Editorial Eye Palette Intense Clays  shades would be too shimmery or overpowering, but was quickly proven wrong at my first test blot on my arm. I really honed in on blending the darker metallic shades (Metallik Pewter and Metallik Rust) in my crease and on the outer edges of my eye to give it that smokey, intense look. (If you aren’t a pro at blending- here is an easy one brush tutorial that I find easy to follow!) swatch2

I then used the matte clays, Blackened Black Clay and Blackened Blue Clay just in the outer corners and lined the bottom of my eye with the Blackened Blue Clay. It went swimmingly with my NARS Larger than Life Long wear Eyeliner in Rue St. Honor. I used to only wear black on my water line but wanted something a little less intense so I went with this navy blue liner. It sways towards black but when I put it with the Blackened Blue Clay, it has a navy glow and different than the black smokey eye.swatch1

I ended up mixing all of the blackened clays in the corner of my eye by pressing my fingertip into the clays and applied it in a tapping motion onto my lid. I applied the metallics in the crease and outer edges by using a crease brush. As a final touch, I used the Air-light Setting Powder  to prolong the colors and avoid creasing.


I would recommend a deep berry lip color like “Love Bite” from Kylie Cosmetics  or even a dark red/brown to compliment this makeup look for fair skin.

I had so much fun playing with this palette and would recommend it as a versatile palette to create an abundance of looks! You can easily find the Editorial Eye Palette Intense Clays at Nordstrom or Sephora.







I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

You Know You Like It: Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Lip Kits

I can’t believe I am supporting the business of a 19 year old teenager BUT I have to. You guys, Kylie Lip Kits are actually great and I’ll tell you why. Matte lip sticks are notorious for drying out your lips but I really haven’t had that problem with these. Overall, the matte colors by Kylie don’t dry out my lips, they stay on FOREVER, and the colors are just fab. The deeper reds are perfect for Christmas parties and the days leading up to New Years Eve. When I am walking through Chicago in a white Christmas fashion (or slushy snow left and right), I love having some fun with a dab of color on my lips!


The Colors.

The shades are really made for anyone and you are bound to find your go-to color from her collection. As you might see from my photos in other posts, I wear Moon and Dolce K all the time because they go with anything and can be worn day into night. When I first got them I thought they were a nude color but maybe it’s my skin tone because it’s a more tan/light brown with a hint of grey at times. And I LOVE it. It is a color I never thought I would wear but I get compliments all the time. “I love your lip color” isn’t a compliment you hear everyday but I swear, from the nice lady at Target to a sweet compliment at a client meeting- people notice!


I don’t have all the colors (that would be a little too intense) but I do have a few I can chime in and give my two cents on!

Kylie Lip Kit

Dolce K

My first color I bought and always my go to if I am in a rush or just need something to spice up an outfit. To me, it is a year round color. Not too brown and not too light. My mom tried Dolce K and she loved it too and got one! Try being in Forever 21 and the cashier compliements how cute it is we both have the same color lip on and how good it looks. Too funny.

In any case, the liner for all of Kylie’s colors goes on smoothly and really helps bring out the richness of the colors. If you are going to try her products, highly recommend going with the Lip Kits no doubt.



Moon is from Kylie’s fall collection and I fell in love right away with it cause it is a little darker and sexy. But the cool thing is it’s a “sexy/sultry” look again you can wear during the day or night. I would more so wear this on the weekends during the day or at night. Work.. eh. People might think I am going on a hot date every day if I wore this on the daily at work.


Love Bite

Thee perfect go to color for a night out. This is a more purple/gray color and it is dark but goes with any outfit and it the perfect pop of color to make something a little more bold. I would recommend this with reds and neutrals (black, tan, gray, white) as it seems to really POP when my outfits incorporate those colors in some form or another.



Oh how I love a good berry color. This color is fun. Pure fun. I love wearing it when I am out and about with girlfriends.. perfect to wear shopping or brunching and it is just a fabulous color. Spice comes from Kylie’s fall collection as well and it is definitely made to wear during the day. It doesn’t move from my lips (I can sip my Chai Tea Latte in peace!) and I usually like to wear it with a shimmery light brown eye shadow and chunky jewelry.



Definitely a once in a while color when I am feeling ultra bold. It is a deep deep red.. almost Vampire Blood status. Since my skin is rather pale (womp.) I love my berries and my deep colors, so this is perfect for a fancy or special occasion. I wore this on Halloween where the theme was Victorian/Steam Punk themed and the color was a perfect fit- dramatic but fierce.



Part of Kylie’s Holiday Collection comes one of my favorite reindeer names: Vixen. To me, Vixen is similar to Leo, with a little bit more of a brownish/red tint and sparkles. I wouldn’t probably buy this color again because I am content with Leo BUT if you are looking for a Christmas Party color.. you won’t be disappointed!



I hope this helps if you are looking for a new lip color to try, I would 100% give the Kylie Lip Kits a shot! I will be sure to do another post in the coming weeks with them on, but let me know what your go-to color is. Always looking to try new colors!

Kylie Lip Kits

Happy Holidays!