To Lob, Or Not To Lob?

I don’t know if this can quite fit into the Personals section. I’ve always had long hair. Except in kindergarten when I had a bob with bangs and I still deny it to this day (the memories will fade, right?) If you ask almost any girl, she will agree that having longer hair is like a safety blanket. Even if you’re outfit consists of leggings and a tshirt, you can get away with anything if your hair is on point. For the last four or five months, I have fallen in love with the “lob,” or long bob that isn’t really a bob at all, but a shoulder skimming haircut. Even when messy, it still looks polished, and will forever be chic. Alexa Chung could be credited with starting the craze, but since then, we have seen numerous celebrities rocking the chop. My favorite, while I am not a huge fan of Kylie Jenner, is her recent cut.

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 10.18.05 AM

For whatever reason, we have grown to associate being feminine with long, bombshell hair. It gives us that extra “oomph” in our step and that one hair flip raises confidence off the charts. I think the quote “your clothes shouldn’t wear you” can be applied to hair as well. Your hair is just another permanent accessory. While you need to love it and take care of it, why not have some fun? I am still not sold on “lobbing” my hair just yet, but maybe I’ll take the plunge. After all, I did say fail harder in my goldplaited interview, right?

Look for Less: Alexa Chung

Jodie Lyons| April 9th 2013

I think we can all agree that at one point or another, we have all wanted to be Alexa Chung. From her gorgeous hair and bone structure to her fabulous career, she’s definitely an inspiration of mine. While I can’t help you magically transform yourself into this lovely Brit, I can help you imitate her expensive style for a lot less!

Alexa has an incredibly versatile and unique look, and as spring is finally beginning to show itself here in the Chi, I think we’re all itching to shop for a new, fresh wardrobe (my kind of spring cleaning!) These two looks are perfect for our windy city, as it’s unfortunately still a little too cold for short sleeves, but just warm enough to bare some skin.

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 8.49.59 PM

Spring is one of the most exciting seasons for me because I finally get to bring color back into my life!

Heathered Dolman Top $14.80

Essential Watercolor Shorts $15.80

BDG Suede Kitten Heel $49.00

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 8.52.48 PM

Get your money’s worth for your winter clothes and don’t pack them away quite yet! Alexa’s look here is perfect for transitioning some of your darker fall and winter pieces into spring.

Coincidence & Chance Knit Circle Mini Skirt $49

 ASOS MATCH Leather Brogues $74.81

Collared Floral Print Pullover $19.80

If you’re feeling daring, the spring is a great time to try out a fresh new hairstyle! Chop off that long hair and go for something updated and chic that will keep you cool in the warm weather. Get Alexa’s look by asking for collarbone length with long

layers and a full fringe/bang. Add some mousse before blowdrying, rough it up a bit with some texturizing gel and you’re ready to rock Alexa’s famous locks!