Trials and Tribulations of being a Fashionable Man Repeller

      Personally, the thought of going out on a date is terrifying. Me? Talk about something other then food or the fact that Wang is going to Balenciaga? What? The thought of “What does one wear on a date?” hit me almost simultaneously as the thought of “Maybe I’m not such a Man Repeller….just kidding.”  For those of you who are not familiar with the Man Repeller, it is a website owned by Leandra Medine ( a Goddess in her own right), all about how fashion repels the opposite sex, and other trials and tribulations happening in the fashion world.  I find that often times when reading her website, I’m like “yup, wore that yesterday.” Read up: 

 “Sunday, April 25, 2010
What is a Man Repeller?
outfitting oneself in a sartorially offensive mode that may result in repelling members of the opposite sex. Such garments include but are not limited to harem pants, boyfriend jeans, overalls (see: human repelling), shoulder pads, full length jumpsuits, jewelry that resembles violent weaponry and clogs.
–verb (used without object),-pell·ing, -pell·ed.
to commit the act of repelling men:
Girl 1: What are you wearing tonight?
Girl 2: My sweet lime green drop crotch utility pants, of course. 
Girl 1: Oh, so we’re man repelling tonight?
*DISCLAIMER: the above conversation took place in this room 5 minutes ago.”
       So, the question is, can someone as deeply entangled in fashion as  I am, come out of it?  It wasn’t until I was standing in the middle of BCBG Max Azria, surrounded by leather leggings, long sleeve dresses, and endless chiffon blouses, that I realized I had no idea what people wore on dates anymore. Let alone, what is dating anyway? The definition has become a bit construed over the years. Apparently, I was in way over my head. I promptly decided that my usual leggings and a tank would not cut it, and I ventured forward into the unknown. And when I say “unknown,” I mean the non-Man Repelling section.  For once, I steered away from the loose tank tops and over sized sweaters, and drifted towards the peplum tops and silky materials that may actually fool others into thinking I am not a socially awkward girl that never wears make up. Good fucking luck to me on that one.  

     Now, if this had been fashion related, I would have pranced straight toward the gold sequin leggings, and snagged an equally obnoxious top. Keep in mind, dressing for a fashion event, and dressing for the real world, are two very different things. My peers understand that the creamsicle colored sweater I am wearing is on trend and designer, but to others, I just look like a giant human popsicle.  So, instead, I had to reel in my knack for picking up the least body hugging thing in the store, and go for something that might actually give me a shape. In the end, I settled on a solid balance between my fashion self, and a little bit more attractively dressed version of myself. I guess being in fashion does not mean that you always have to be a Man Repeller, there is indeed a middle ground. While I do not recommend wearing drop crotch pants around a member of the opposite sex, I do recommend going with something you feel your best in. Confidence is key, and if you don’t feel comfortable, how are you going to feel confident? From now on, I do plan on dressing like a normal person every once and a while. Yeah…we’ll see how that goes.

Street Style: South Carolina

Hi everyone! My name is Dani Musachia. I’m currently a freshman at the University of South Carolina majoring in International Business and Fashion Merchandising. My favorite sport is shopping because I have a passion for fashion.  I love clothes, because everyone dresses differently and it tells a lot about a person’s personality. My personal style is fun and edgy. I love unique and loud pieces with tons of adornment.  I am so excited to show everyone all of the trendy people down here in South Carolina!

Street Style: Ohio

Once again, we are welcoming another wonderful girl to our ever growing family. Olivia is a current freshman at DePaul studying Marketing and French. She has a trendy, but eclectic sense of style, and hopes to one day show it off in the fashion industry. Over break, Olivia will be covering street style in her hometown of Ohio. Check out some cute casual outfits she captured last week!

The 20 Best Things That Could Ever Happen to Someone

Okay okay okay…so this is not fashion related. But, it is scarily spot on and I thought you guys would enjoy it as much as I did. Whether it’s something as large as landing your dream job, or  the smallest occurance, like getting that unexpected text message, it all creates that same reaction in your head. For me, it stirs up a similar feeling equated with if someone told me Chanel was half off at Barneys. Ryan O’Connell is basically a mind reader. You can check out the original version here.

The 20 Best Things That Could Ever Happen to Someone 

1. You get your dream job. After spending years at places where you feel constantly demoralized and hate your life, you reach the professional finish line and land a job that’s everything you’ve ever wanted. Even when your dream job occasionally gives you nightmares (and trust me, it will), you will flash back to a memory of someone who’s only a year older than you are, barking at you to get coffee, and feel eternally grateful. You reach a certain point in your career when you will NEVER have to get someone coffee ever again. Breathe a sigh of relief. You’ve freaking earned it.

2. You like someone. You really like someone. And, miracle of miracles, they like you back! They tell you so and everything! “I like you too,” they say, as you’re left winded in disbelief. “Come again? Can I get that in writing?” Honestly, having your feelings be reciprocated feels soooooo good. Like, you’re not crazy and living in your own head all the time. Your experiences are based in reality and someone is definitely picking up what you’re putting down. After they tell you the good news, you can run to go vomit in the bushes and then live happily ever after.

3. Open bars. Open bars are the best thing that could ever happen to someone, especially if you’re in your 20s and end up spending most of your paycheck on nice alcohol. Showing up to a party and dreading how much money you’re about to spend on overpriced and weak drinks, only to realize that the drinks are, in fact, free is like waking up on Christmas morning! You’ll probably end up drinking too much (“MUST TAKE ADVANTAGE OF FREE BOOZE. CAN’T COMPREHEND MODERATION AT CURRENT MOMENT IN TIME!”) but at least when you wake up the next morning hungover, you won’t scream at your bank balance.

4. That moment when you really want to flake on someone but can’t bring yourself to do it. Then, moments later, they text YOU to flake. Ah, you really dodged a bullet there! You can text back and pretend to be annoyed but inside, you are just so relieved. “HOW DARE YOU!” (Thank you JESUS!)

5. When you see yourself make real progress. Suddenly you’re not drinking so much and falling into bed with the wrong people. Your bad habits are becoming less pervasive and you’re finally figuring out how to take care of yourself.

6. You get a text message that you have been waiting for. It was sent to you when you were sleeping, so it’s the first thing you see in the morning when you wake up. You guys, it is straight up embarrassing how a simple text can make or break your day, but WHATEVER. You just got your dream text. Go on and live off that euphoria for the next 48 hours.

7. You become an aunt/uncle to a little blob of baby skin! You never cared about babies before. In fact, you might’ve been scared of them before. But now that you’re related to this adorable thing, you can feel your heart start to thaw.

8. Coming home to a full DVR to catch up on.

9. Experiencing a day when the internet doesn’t exist and you are just living your life and being happy and time is moving by so nicely and you’re kissing someone in the middle of the day and you realize it’s the realest thing that’s happened to you in a long time. This is what you’ve wanted. This is what makes you truly happy. No distractions, just lips, tongue, and a human connection. YOU DON’T NEED A WIFI PASSWORD FOR THIS, YOU GUYS.

10. Spending time with your family and not fighting once or thinking that you’re adopted.

11. Getting out of credit card debt and paying off your student loans. (HAS ANYONE DONE THIS YET? YOU LET ME KNOW, OKAY?)

12. Reading a book that leaves you feeling invigorated and needing to create something.

13. For a brief moment, not feeling like you want or need anything other than what you already have.

14. Going to an amazing party where everyone decides to get the same amount of wasted and there is no judgement. Everyone is on the same page about wanting to have some epic fun.

15. Finding your Favorite New Song and knowing that you won’t listen to anything else for the next week.

16. Waking up to no hangover when there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have been feeling like hell.

17. Gathering the resolve to say good-bye to someone who has been treating you vaguely like crap for years.

18. Not getting sick. The one thing we take advantage of is our good health. If you’ve had the fortune of not having any major health problems in your life, you are a very lucky individual.

19. Your best friend is getting married and it doesn’t send you into a spiral of grief! The person is actually cool and doesn’t make you want to kill yourself!

20. Seeing a best friend for the first time in forever and being able to jump right back into it like no time has passed at all. 

Alex and Joseph’s Picks from Christina Karin

 If you haven’t heard me talk about my infinite love for designer Christina Karin, then this must be your first time reading! Between her sequin accents, to the pungent prints, I just cannot get enough. Here is a sneak peak at Christina’s Spring collection. Joseph and I picked out favorite dresses from this seasons line, and will have a full post coming soon so you can pick your own favorite! We loved the futuristic shoulders on the gray dress, the bright print and flattering waist on the second dress, and the flowy, whimsical feel on the bottom dress. After seeing the whole collection strut down the runway at Fashion Focus I knew it would be a great season. What I love about Christina Karin, is that there is truly something for everyone. I find that with a lot of designers, I have trouble finding a dress that fits well in all the right places. I have a small waist and large butt, so the proportions are often off. With Christina’s pieces, I find that I do not have that issue. If your body is anything like mine, you should definitely check it out. Christina Karin might be coming to a DePaul runway near you, so be on the lookout in March. *hint hint charity fashion show hint hint wutttt*

 Alex’s and Joseph’s Picks:




Street Style at Michigan State

Hey guys! Here at Street Style: Caught on Campus,  we are ecstatic to welcome another fashionable girl to our family. Meet Emma Witte, a current Sophomore at Michigan State studying Apparel and Textile design. She has a knack for thrifting, and an incredible sense of style. Look out for her around campus! I cannot wait to see what kind of style she sends our way.