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Hi Everyone! We’re Al and Lex- two 20-something publicists living in Chicago documenting the things we love. We have a passion for cocktails that are as pretty as they are strong, crisp colors in classic silhouettes and silly spirits that only come out at the end of a very long day.

We lived across the hall from each other for four years at DePaul University as Public Relations and Advertising majors but never crossed paths until one snowy night at Soho House Chicago where we learned that we both share an affection for a good glass of cab and fine handbags. Little did we know, this would be the start of Al + Lex.

Al + Lex is a culmination of our personal passions outside of our PR backgrounds. We love all things hair, beauty, and fashion (not to mention food and drinks…) and that is what we will document in our weekly posts. We hope to inspire a little fun in your everyday life and that you enjoy reading this just as much as we enjoy writing it.

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Al + Lex

Al + Lex


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  1. Hi! I check in sometimes and love what you all have been up to lately. Coming from a small school in a cornfield town, I wish I had the city resources and bigger school support you do – posts are always so diverse! I noticed you guys switched from blogger to wordpress; is it easier to format now? Blogger has been driving me bonkers lately with all of the limited formating options and broken gadgets. I have been thinking about switching to wordpress, but I am worried about losing all of my current posts. Do you have any advice?


  2. Love that’s you’re part of Chicago’s fashion boom and development!

    Would love to feature you, let us know if you’re interested!


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