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This past week I finally got to visit Nashville! DJ frequently takes trips to Nashville for work, but since beginning my masters program at DePaul University in Chicago it has become difficult to travel due to missing class. I had my Spring Break last week and tagged along on DJ’s work trip that he extended through the weekend so we could explore and it did not disappoint.

It felt SO.GOOD. to get away from the cold weather in Chicago and walk around without a jacket most of the trip. I had no idea that there were so many different areas to explore besides the touristy downtown- I explored 12 South and Germantown. 12 South is home to a lot of great, small stores and restaurants as well as Draper James. Draper James is adorable but dangerous because one thing is cuter than the next- more on that in a post to come!

Shop some of my favorite Draper James picks: Totes Y’all, the worlds cutest Easter dress, embroidered cocktail napkin, lace shirt dress.

I stuck to basics throughout my trip, opting for dark denim, my new favorite flats and nontraditional, light tops. I found these flats at Nordstrom in Chicago last month. They are by Tory Burch’s previous designer, Mercedes Castillo. They are SO ingenious because you can wear them as a slide, or slip a leather cord through the sides of the flat for a tie-up style sandal. I already have my eye on these (and every other shoe in her line- lol.)

Top (only $30!) Jeans. Flats.

Some beautiful old houses I snapped while wandering around Germantown. If you visit Nashville anytime soon, I would highly recommend heading to this area! We are thinking that we would like to visit Charleston soon- any recommendations?

<3 Al

18 Comments on “Casual in Nashville

  1. Oh fun! I have always wanted to go to Nashville. It’s high up on my bucket list.

  2. Oh I love that shirt!! Is it off the shoulder, is it not?! WHO KNOWS but it’s adorable! And I went to nashville last year around this time, but it was for a wedding! I did see a few sights though, so I can’t complain! Now I want BBQ. LOL!

  3. I’ve always wanted to go here! I love the old houses. Your outfit is really pretty.

  4. I love your top it is adorable! I am really into off the shoulder tops right now and the color is perfect. I’ve heard Nashville is a great time, enjoy!

  5. I love when someone blogs about a place I’m familiar with, but highlights the high points. Nashville actually sounds interesting per your post!

  6. It seems like a nice break especially since it’s quiet and relaxing there! It’s nice to go on these little trips sometimes to let yourself breathe.

  7. How lovely! I really like your outfit, it’s perfect for the weather. It’s always nice to flee to warmer places when the cold is getting too much of you. I really like your flats!

  8. It is nice that you got a good break away from Chicago and got to sample warmer weather. I love that off the shoulder shirt it looks gorgeous and is perfect for spring x

  9. I enjoyed tagging along with my husband on one of his trips years ago when our 1st son was a baby. Your post reminded me of that experience. We went from NYC to San Diego around this time of year and the warmer weather was absolutely welcomed with gigantic hugs. Cant wait to visit Nashville one day!

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