Vera Wang: Chicago Fashion Show and My Vera Story

A few weeks ago, I went to the Vera Wang fashion show during the Evening Of Bridal Luxury in Chicago. The night started off with a cocktail and full juice bar with the CUTEST display of appetizers. I love any excuse to dress up and dragged my mom, my cousin and my MOH to the show.

Until a month ago, in my mind Vera Wang was just another gorgeous designer. I got engaged in July, and have (very) slowly been putting the pieces to our wedding puzzle together ever since. I started looking for my dress in early February and thought I was early to the game, not realizing that most high-end wedding dresses have to be ordered nine months to a year in advanced. Whoops! I wound up rushing to make appointments at every major bridal store in the city, and the first one just happened to be Vera Wang. If you know me or anything about my style, you know that I am not interest in your typical pretty princess bridal gown. I was not expecting to be blown away at Vera Wang like I was: as it  turns out, she is a total bad-ass dress designer  showcasing TONS of unique selection. I wound up back at the Vera Wang showroom with my mom two weeks ago to order my dress and am SO excited!

Fortunately or unfortunately, my dress was not featured in the show because it is part of the “color collection” but I fell in love all over again with each dress that “walked down the aisle.” For Vera’s latest collection, she took cues from Verona, Italy according to Vogue. Wang gave old world interpretations a modern update for the 2017 bride.

Whether you are a bride or just looking for something beautiful to scroll through,  Vera Wang 2017, some wedding decor inspiration and Harry Winston’s drop dead gorgeous diamond collection are for your viewing pleasure below.


All photos by Fig Media

I got irrationally excited when I saw these fuzzy heels. I picked up this pair a while back and have had them on repeat ever since. I am also loving these and these at Nordstrom.


*All photos by James Gustin, owner of Fig Media.


25 Comments on “Vera Wang: Chicago Fashion Show and My Vera Story

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  2. How exciting. I have never been to a fashion show before! It sounds like a blast.

  3. Ah ha ha ha ha! I am so the opposite of you – I avoid any excuse to dress up. Nope. So not for me. However, I am much like you in that when I was planning my wedding, I slowly put the pieces together – so slow that my mom lost her patience and hired me a wedding planner, LOL! These dresses are pretty cool and very untraditional, much like my dress! 🙂

  4. Such beautiful dresses, I love all the embellishments on her dresses most! Just wished I could afford one, hahaha.

  5. Beautiful collection. Congratulations on your engagement. I hope you have a beautiful ceremony when the time comes.Vera Wang is a beautiful choice.

  6. What a dazzling fashion collection Vera Wang had. The wedding dresses look so stunning especially the last dress with a white zipper on the back.

  7. Vera Wang still has it! She definitely knows what a woman wants to look like when they wear a gown, especially a wedding gown. These are all so lovely!

  8. Wow! All her dresses are just BEAUTIFUL <3 definitely something different from the traditional princess dress. These are just way better!!

  9. Oh my goodness this looks like so much fun and those dresses are beautiful!


  10. What an amazing show! I would like to participate to a fashion show, it sounds great!

  11. Beautiful dresses. I love the addition of the light box, it makes them look even that much more dramatic. Congrats on selecting your dress.

  12. I love Vera Wang! These dresses and the show look amazing!

  13. Drop dead gorgeous! What I plan to wear for my wedding day!! Along with a Harry Winston diamond wreath and white Manolo Blahnik Hangisi lace pumps, of course!!!

    I really enjoyed this post.

    If you want to see some awesome fashion and styling, you should check out my blog and follow me:

    It is ravishing, dahling! Ravishing!!

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