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How Much Are Big Fashion Bloggers Making | FTC Blogger Guidelines



Last week I talked about how Edelman is changing the data analytics game for bloggers- an ever growing subject considering that is how blogger fees are calculated.

In 2013, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released updated guidelines and regulations for advertising in relation to social media and bloggers. When the guidelines were first released, there was not much talk of it- why would bloggers need the same rules as advertisers? Last year, blog readers raised eyebrows when 50 bloggers coincidentally wore the same Lord & Taylor Design Lab dress on Instagram. As it turns out, it was not a coincidence and Lord & Taylor had sponsored the posts and gifted the dress to each blogger. None of the influencers disclosed that they had been paid for the posts, leaving followers confused.  The goal was to cause a social media frenzy, and it worked: the dress sold out by the end of the weekend.

While there is no proven statistical correlation between Instagram and ROI, there is no denying the influential power of social media as the latest advertising tool. With social media being unregulated, it is difficult for the Federal Trade Commission to keep an eye on.

If you were to see a contract with real, big- time blogger fees- I think you would die a little inside. Instagram has become a powerful sales tool for brands- just look at Pink Peonies founder Rachel Parcel. Parcel made 960K in 2014 from RewardStyle ALONE, so I can only imagine what she is making now in 2017.

This past Spring while doing Influencer outreach for a client, I had offered to send Dani Song a 7k painting. Her manager emailed me back saying that it would be 5k for her to simply just post the photo, and an additional amount for the brand to be tagged in the photo. Crazy! For comparison, just two years ago Rumi Neely was charging 3k per Instagram photo on her personal account.

With the recent rules coming to light, here is what you need to know:


If you are looking for more information on brand/blogger relationships and disclosures, I recommend you check out this link. To roll with the Digital/PR trend, next week I’ll be publishing a post on how to pitch brands for partnerships. If you have any specific questions about that, please leave them in the comments!

Here are some well worded exampled of how to disclose a sponsored post:

“I was SO thrilled when [brand name] reached out to me about presenting their newest collection…” or “[brand name] gave me the opportunity to try out [product] and I’m beyond excited to share it with you.”

Thanks to [brand name] for partnering with me for this post!”

“This post was brought to you by [brand name], but opinions are all my own.”


<3 Al

PS: How do you disclose and how do your readers react to the hashtag #Ad? Personally I have seen a lot of negative comments under other accounts that use the work- as a PR professional I am always curious to hear what others see.

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