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Sometimes I sit in awe when I think about the wonderful friends I have in my life. They teach me, they inspire me, and they unconditionally love me. Even when I have friends who have completely different career paths than myself, they still inspire me to succeed. I wanted to share a spotlight on one of my closest friends, Gabi, as she is someone who I admire and inspires people on a daily basis.

Gabi works in the finance industry with lots of experience in real estate too. Might I just add she is killing it, and she is only 25! (She deserves to be on Forbes 25 under 25 in my book!) She was the graduation commencement speaker for her class, she has traveled to numerous places during her career, and if something is thrown at her, she never gives up.

I sat down with Gabi and asked her if she would share some insight on finance, lifestyle, and of course her favorite product must haves. I hope you enjoy meeting someone new and she inspires you just like she inspires me.






Finance. Tell us finance and non-finance friends what we need to know about it. Lots of numbers! I work in the financial markets space, which means that I deal with investment securities, the stock markets, and extremely smart people. It’s a lot of interpreting different numbers and manipulating them in different ways to show trends, any anomalies, etc. I’ve always loved math and numbers, so I geek out over it.

What news outlet should everyone read/watch on a daily basis? I read CNN, WSJ, and DailyMail. It’s a great way to be well rounded about your news. DailyMail is the guilty pleasure I scroll through on my way into and out of work.

Tips to anyone looking to get into the finance space? Take as many excel classes as you can, read up on what’s current in the market, read Liar’s Poker, have extracurriculars, and this is an overall tip – always know the company you are looking into. Read everything possible, meet as many people inside as possible so that they can tell you what you can’t read about in books. It’s really important to understand the business you are trying to get into, and not all this information is readily available online. Also, it’s great networking for you. Always remember that your network can be extremely incremental to your success.

There’s the stigma that people who work in finance have zero work life balance. How do you balance your life between work, friends, love and fun? It’s hard. I work a lot of hours during a week, and the last thing I want to be doing is entertaining, exercising, etc. I want to go home, eat, and sleep. But, I force myself to go grab dinner with friends once in a while, or give them a call on the way home because it’s going to keep me sane. I’m blessed to have an extremely amazing support system around me consisting of a supportive family, loving boyfriend, and the most amazing friends a girl can ask for. I love having people around me that check up on me, that say “hey let’s just grab a quick coffee so I can see you,” and even friends who motivate me to work out (pointing fingers at Lex!)

I don’t have time to do it all in one day, but being able to combine all the things I love into one is great. Weekends, I try to squeeze as many things into the two days that I can, but I of course also need “me” time. Being able to turn off from work for a few hours (although I’m guilty of always checking my blackberry), is what helps me balance my life. I’m a libra, so all about balance. There are weeks where I can’t see everyone, but again, having my core group of people that understand when I’m busy or overwhelmed, is key.

Favorite thing about Chicago? Everything (except winter). I adore this city. I’ve traveled a ton, and never found a place that feels as homey as Chi town. I love being able to go to the park, the beach, eat some great food, run by the lake. There is so much history and so many things to do here. Also, I love the people. I think everyone here is so nice and helpful, it’s contagious.

Favorite restaurant in Chicago? This is a hard one, I love so many. I’m celiac, so I gravitate towards restaurants that are gluten-friendly. For a good burger, I love Grange Hall Burger. There’s a completely gluten free restaurant that opened up right next to my place, it’s called Little Beet. Amazing! Same with True Food Kitchen – it’s all organic, and lots of gluten free options (Pizza is amazing!)

Favorite kind of work out class? Something really intense like boxing. I love the quickest workout that is at the highest intensity and I can feel it after.

Favorite kind of work out? I do 20 min of cardio, squats, some arms. I like using just body weight to do workouts. and of course some abs when I’m not being lazy.

How do you drink your coffee? Strong with some coconut milk – and honey on a good day.

Lipstick/lipgloss of choice for a date night? IT Cosmetics “Your Lips But Better” Buff Nude Lip liner all over with a Buxom “Alyssa – shimmering cloud” gloss over them! Something subtle but makes all the difference.

Favorite Spotify playlist? The Cardio Playlist on Spotify that I listen to during every workout. Has super fun, newer songs! Also, love a good Mumford and Sons and Vance Joy mixed playlist 🙂


Have any questions relating to business, fitness, healthy eating, or fashion? Comment below and I’ll make sure Gabs is able to help.

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