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These three gowns are some of my favorite pieces that I have seen this season: La Femme | Ieena | Cushie et Ochs


In the next few months, Chicago is booming with black tie fundraisers, galas and events. The feeling of getting to dress up in a floor length gown is one that I have always loved, but comes few and far between. I wore this Parker zing-zag skirt two years ago to Snowball which is quickly approaching at the end of January. This year, I am wearing a floor-length dress in a classic silhouette that I picked up in Milan. Specifically when making a big purchase like a floor length formal dress, I look for something timeless that I can wear again in many different ways and fits me well.

This year, I am topping my dress off with an All Saints leather jacket to give it a little “oomph!”

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26 Comments on “Black Tie Inspiration

  1. Oh, this skirt is absolutely beautiful! I have very few black tie events to get dressed up for these days, but they are so much fun, aren’t they?

  2. Beautiful skirt! It looks really comfortable. And, I love that the shoes you chose also look really comfortable! Great outfit

  3. Wow! I seriously love the skirt, the pattern makes it really special. I like that you’re addind a touch of edge with the leather jacket too, It’s so good to contrast the ultra feminine with a bit of leather.

  4. That skirt is seriously gorgeous, and you pull it off so well! I love that Leena gown too – it’s really beautiful but looks like an easy wear too. It even has pockets!

  5. Your shoes are GORGEOUS! I would have never thought to pair them with a beautiful floor length dress! (Then again, I’ve never been to a black tie event so I don’t know much about formal style) lol I absolutely love the movement of the skirt, it’s so elegant.

  6. That is exactly my style ~ hard to find due to my height though but, love the flowing feel the whole length down to my ankles. You look beautiful and carefree ~ Great pattern too!

  7. I love them, it’s a really lovely look. Love how the skirt flows.

  8. This skirt is amazing! I would love to add one of these to my wardrobe.

  9. I am in love with your skirt! I just went to the Parker NY website and they have everything that I want! Thank you for introducing them to me!

  10. Your outfit looks great. Only time I ever had to wear anything formal was a cruise. I would love to be able to wear formal attire more often.

  11. Great choices of gowns you have there; you have good timeless taste. I’m sure any one of them will look great at the black tie events you go to this year.

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