A Crudité Platter Your Friends Will Actually Want To Eat

Crudité plate at Soho House Chicago

Crudité plate at Soho House Chicago


I have always been a veggies over meat kind of girl. I love the crisp crunch of a fresh veggie so naturally vegetables and dip is a staple in my diet. When Soho House in Chicago first opened, they served a gorgeous crudités plate with fresh heirloom carrots, radishes, cucumbers and other bits of colorful goodness alongside freshly smashed avocado. Since I do not go to an office, I often work out of Soho House and the crudités plate has remained one of my favorite things on the menu.

I love to entertain and am always looking for quick but satisfying bites to serve guests. Plus, if you prefer to ditch most of the prep work the day of, you can pre-chop your veggies the day before. The platter is all about presentation and it looks like you put in more effort than you actually did. Freshly chopped vegetables and dips is the perfect, simple and always beautiful appetizer to accompany a few cocktails (try this super easy vanilla Moscow mule!)









Essentially, the dip that I serve with crudites is a simple guacamole. I smash an avocado with a fork until it is a smooth consistency, squeeze in half a lime and add salt and pepper to taste. If you like spicy dips, add in some red pepper flakes.




I love this little marble serving tray to serve colorful veg on. Would love to hear about any other quick, easy entertaining recipes you may have!

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45 Comments on “A Crudité Platter Your Friends Will Actually Want To Eat

  1. Yes! Look at all that good stuff you have on there. You are right, who wouldn’t love that?

  2. Looks like a great idea for an easy, healthy lunch, and easy to expand for guests or make less just for yourself. It’s great that you can vary the veggies you choose as well, both for interest and affordability.

  3. Wow your images almost made me take a bite on my computer screen, this dish looks very tasty. Worth mentioning that i seldom eats vegetable

  4. What a gorgeous, healthy plate. How could my friends deny having a sample. I think the avocado dip would lure them in.

  5. great title because it does look appetizing! I love veggies so I will definitely enjoy this! ty for sharing <3

  6. I love fresh veggies, I just wish I could get the rest of my family to eat them too. I can’t even get them to eat guacamole!

  7. I love fresh veggies, I just wish I could get my family to eat them too. I can’t even get them to eat guacamole!

  8. Its almost too pretty to eat, but I’ll eat it all the same. Funny I never touched an avocado guacamole until a few years ago, now I can’t do a week without either.

  9. Oh my goodness this is my favourite type of platters to put together. They are healthy, easy to make and the presentation can be great. Thank you for sharing this.


  10. That looks absolutely amazing. I was going to make a crudite platter for a pot luck that I went to, but I thought they were all boring. I never thought about adding guacamole!

  11. That food looks absolutely delicious! Especially the guac. I can’t seem to cut meat out of my diet just yet but this inspires me to do so. The aesthetic of your food is inspiring, makes this very appealing.

  12. I wish I like veggies more but I guess I am a “meet lover”. 🙂 Btw, I love Soho House in Chicago.

  13. I am not a veggie person at all, but looking at how beautiful the colors are, I might make it at home for me and my girlfriend. Thanks for sharing, Alexandra.

  14. What a beautiful array and plating! Looks fancy, healthy and delicious.

  15. It’s always a good idea to make things a lot more appetizing for others. I guess it comes with having to host dinners in your home for years! Haha.

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