4 Days Until Christmas: Finding The Perfect Christmas Outfit

White Christmas Outfit

Now I noticed after taking a second look at my closet, that I am partial to black, grey, and white and I need a little bit more of pa-zazz *insert jazz hands here* when it comes to my wardrobe color ensemble. Being home in California for the week, it is my new mission to get some bright colors to get me through this dreary winter as the  worst is yet to come. White and grey colors are always a great color though to wear for special occasions, and since I’ll be in California for Christmas, why not bring my own winter wonderland home with me?! I loved the Gossip Girl Blair Waldorf feel I got with the ruffles around the neckline of this sweater dress, and it’s still comfortable and classy. I wore black tights and my thigh high boots to give it a little more edge, and of course a headband for when I am outside and it is cold!


White Christmas Outfit

Dress: BP @ Nordstrom // Boots: Steve Madden @ Nordstrom // Headband: Anthropologie // Lip Color: Kylie Cosmetics [SPICE]

White Christmas Outfit

Winter Coat Christmas Outfit

Gloves: UGG // Coat: Aritzia 

What color are you planning on wearing for Christmas?! I have recently become a huge fan of the dresses and sweaters at Chichwish.com and Forever 21 has so many simple V-neck sweaters in  different colors I want one of each! To me, the outfit above screams Blair Waldorf painting the town red on Christmas Day, and I low key love it. If weather permits and I won’t overheat, I am definitely going to show off this dress and be festive at minimum! Happy Holidays.




Photography by Theresa Ferrell.

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