Simply Stylist


Simply Stylist

If you have followed StreetStyleChi in the past, you know I love a good fashion + tech conference. My two favorite things combined…what could be better? I had the pleasure of going to Simply Stylist this past week, and California Tan was nice enough to give me a golden glow that lasted well into the next week.

This was my first year attending the conference, and I am so happy that Simply Stylist decided to bring their ideas to Chicago. Corri McFadden, Jacey Duprie, Joey Maalouf, and Sazan Barzani spoke as the main feature event, and I was blown away! I love listening to other strong women and men in business making a name for themselves. It also doesn’t hurt that Duprie is a fellow DePaul University alum.


Didn’t make it to Chicago? Head to Simply Stylist in New York this October.


Not quite getting that golden summer look you had hoped for? Try hopping over to California for a tan.  ; )


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