Beauty Tips & Tricks: Renowned Hair & Make-Up Artist Kristen Pulice Gives Us The Scoop

Kristen Pulice has been all over the world, and somehow Chicago was lucky enough to be graced with her presence. Traveling with L’Oreal and The House of Bumble to London & Paris, Kristen knew she was in the right place. Pulice has made a name for herself as one of the most sought after hair & make-up artists in Chicago, and is not stopping there. Having personally worked with Kristen when she was kind enough to donate her time to For The Sake of Fashion, Streetstylechi knows first hand how contagious her bubbly personality is, and what an attention to detail she has. She has since worked with major companies, including Olay, Venus Gillette, John Frieda, Secret Deodorant, Mucinex, Crest White Strips, Express, The Limited and the television talk show The Steve Harvey Show. We are excited to see what her next move will be!

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Kristen was nice enough to put together a list of beauty tips & tricks for us. This will keep you looking prim and put together through these last sweaty August days. Take notes ladies!


  • Dry shampoo is awesome. Not only does it become your best friend on days

when you don’t feel like washing your hair but it also works as a great dry


  • Ditch your hairspray when teasing your hair and swap it with dry shampoo.

It will give your hair grip when you tease it and you’ll get a lot more height.

Spray it at the base of your hair in the crown area of your head, brush out any

remaining white residue and tease away.


  • Hate those little baby fly away hairs? Spray some hairspray onto a

toothbrush and tame them!

  •  Want the best beach wave spray? Next time you go on vacation and are

at the beach, take an empty water bottle with you and fill it up with ocean

water! Once you get home get an empty spray bottle and fill it with the ocean

water and you’ve got the best beach spray ever. (And it’s FREE!)

  •  Before going swimming, wet your hair completely and apply conditioner

from the base to ends. Too much chlorine and salt water is drying and

damaging and doing this will help protect it.

  •  Men…greys come with age and it’s totally okay to go to the salon and ask for

“grey blending”. This will help get rid of some of the greys but won’t leave

you looking like you clearly went and got your hair colored. Just be sure

to go to a salon and have it done as opposed to using the boxed color at the

store because it will be obvious that you colored it.

  • Speaking of the boxed color at the stores, please, please stop trying to color

your own hair with it. It’s so bad for your hair because it’s made like a “one

size fits all” meaning that the formulas in them are extremely strong and

harsh on your hair because they formulated to work on every type of hair.

I know it’s more expensive to go to a salon and have your hair colored but

it’s totally worth it. Also, if you mess it up and then have to go to a salon,

corrective colors are pricey and you’ll be pretty mad at yourself for having to

spend a lot of money that you probably were trying to avoid spending in the

first place.

  • Ladies please be sure to blend your makeup so you don’t get that line where

your face and neck are two different colors. Take your bronzer and with a

big makeup brush and blend it down onto your neck. (Don’t forget the back

of your neck if your hair is up!)

  • If you want big eyelashes, take your eyelash curler and warm it up a bit with

your blow drier prior to curling them. Be sure to only warm it up a little and

test it by feeling the temperature before you use it so it’s not so hot that it

burns you. Think of it as a curing iron for your eyelashes!

  •  Men, sometimes you guys have crazy eyebrows and hairs that grow on your

ears. When you’re getting your haircut ask your hair stylist to help you out

with them. They’ll trim them for you.

  • Got a strong cowlick? Wet your hair where it’s located, apply a small amount

of styling cream, hold the hair taut in the direction you want it to go and and

blow dry it.

  • Think out of the box with your makeup. Just because something is labeled

as an eye shadow doesn’t mean you can only use it as an eye shadow. It can

double as a highlighter or a brow powder etc.

  • Adding a drop of red food coloring to your self tanner will make it look more

realistic. Instead of the dreaded orange color, you’ll get a color that looks

more realistic and like you’ve just gotten back from a tropical vacation.

Sounds scary but it works!

  • Cutting your hair on a regular basis will NOT make it grow but it DOES help

keep your hair healthy. If you’re someone who never cuts your hair because

you want it to grow you’re not helping yourself. Once you get a split end it

slowly begins splitting up the shaft of your hair. This causes it to eventually

break which then makes your hair look thinner. If you’re trying to grow your

hair and hate getting it cut, go get a trim at least every 3 or 4 months so you

can prevent split ends from happening.

  • Have a wide nose? Make it appear slimmer by contouring and highlighting it!

Take your bronzer and apply it down both sides of your nose and then take a

highlighter and apply it down the center of your nose.

  • Applying highlighter to the bow of your lips will make them appear bigger.

So will applying a small amount of lip gloss only to the center of your lips.

  • Have a special event where you want your makeup to last all night? Invest in

a makeup setting spray. Urban Decay makes a great one called “All Nighter”

which can be found at Ulta or Sephora. After you’ve finished your makeup,

spray a light coat over your face and party the night away without worrying

about having to reapply anything later.

  • Want the perfect beachy wave? Wrap your hair around your curling iron

instead of clamping it. Leave the bottom inch and a half of your hair out and

away from the heat. This will create a beach wave as opposed to a full curl. If

your hair is too waved, give it a tug while it’s still warm to loosen it up. Shake

out when finished and you’ve got the perfect beach wave!

  • Got a red zit that you just can’t seem to cover? Use a green concealer. The

green will help cancel out some of the redness.

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