Currently Craving: Spring Sportswear


Last week I was asked to describe my “signature look” for an editorial. Although I have a strong sense of self, style included, I stumbled to an answer. What is my thing? After turning this over for a little while, I came to the conclusion that while my style is ever changing depending on how I feel when I get up that day, I always have a sporty element to my look. A floral skirt with a varsity jacket, a spring dress with a baseball hat…you get the picture. Spring is all about bright colors, sporty knits, and the midi skirt, so here is what I’ll be mixing into my closet.


sportswear may 1st

1. Nike Patterned Spandex Shorts. 2. Nike Colorful Windbreaker. 3. Adidas White T. 4. Adidas Polka Dot Jacket. 5. Nike Windbreaker Poncho. 6. Adidas Black Hat.

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