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Lily Duevel is a jack of all trades, brunching with girlfriends on the weekends, producing fashion shows (no big deal or anything…), and running her own boutique PR firm. Lily may describe herself as your everyday Chicagoan, but she is anything but. My question is…where does Duevel go to hangout, shop, eat, etc…when she isn’t busy running around the city? Streetstylechi is going to let you in on the secret with Lily’s top five picks.


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Hey Readers!


I have to say, I am honored to be interviewed by StreetStyleChi for the second installation of My Five. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Lily Duevel and within the past year I’ve turned my dreams into a reality. I like to think that I’m just your average fashion loving, puppy obsessed, champagne drinking 28-year old living in the windy city however, my day-to-day is never the same.


Last year I founded a runway production + styling company called adoptedSTYLE. This quickly evolved into a blog so that I would be able to share my behind the scenes experiences, event recaps, and favorite things with my followers & friends. Most people identify with my love for fashion and think that my days are consumed by surrounding myself with designer goods. The reality, adoptedSTYLE is my passion, not my job. I spend Monday – Friday (and countless nights) working for a tech startup called UrbanBound. I absolutely adore the people that I work with and now I couldn’t imagine my day without them. I’ve also recently launched a boutique Public Relations, Marketing and Events firm called Ladder PR. I want to make it my goal to help local businesses/brands climb to the top by helping them network, sharing my contacts and supporting their eendeavors in any and every way possible.

With all of the juggling in my life, a lot of people joke that I don’t have time to sleep and/or don’t have a social life – quite the contrary. One of my favorite things to do is go out to brunch with girlfriends, grab a cocktail with coworkers, find new stores to play dress up in and play tourist as a way to remember and appreciate everything that this amazing city has to offer.


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My Top Five Picks:

  1. NoMI – NoMI in the Park Hyatt has been “My Happy Place” before I even moved to this city. I use to stop in for a cocktail & snack in between Michigan Avenue shopping excursions to relax and people watch. The décor, the cocktails and the service are truly exceptional.
  2. The Art Institute – Even though it might be a tourist hot spot, the Art Institute is also a great reminder of how lucky we are to live in this city. Whether you want to stroll the exhibits, grab a coffee in the café and people watch or just visit the gift shop, taking just a few moments to visit one of the city’s greatest establishments is a perfect refresher on how lucky you are.
  3. Green City Market – This is one of the best farmer’s markets I’ve ever attended. It’s great to meet new people, try new things and a great excuse to take a little unexpected trip to the Lincoln Park Zoo.
  4. EMMA – EMMA is a new boutique in Wicker Park that has incredibly affordable pieces ranging from casual tees, jeans, dresses and trinkets – It is owned by two adorable sisters who have an incredible eye and hand pick all of the items that they carry. They just got amazing new Spring/Summer inventory in so make sure to check it out ASAP!
  5. Jane’s – Now that I think about it, I haven’t been here in weeks! It is usually a weekend staple that my girlfriends and I visit for our weekly gossip fest, carb load session (they have the BEST bread & butter) and hanger helpers. They have two different sides of the restaurant: One is great if you’re just stopping in for a little casual nosh. The other is terrific for birthdays, bridal/baby showers, or Mother’s Day brunch.

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