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I’ll admit it…I am a horoscope junkie. I like seeing how things actually align with the way they are predicted to go. While scrolling through my Twitter feed yesterday, Huffpost had tweeted about fashion horoscopes, so naturally I had to go check it out.

JoAnn Reeves: What’s new for Aries this spring is an intensely feminine look that speaks of a woman from another time or decade. Expect to reach your full potential for the season when Venus, the planet that rules couture, resides in your sign in May.”

So far, this is proving to be true even in this dreary winter weather we still have. If you’re interested in knowing what the Spring season holds for you, look no further!


JoAnn Reeves: What’s new for Aries this spring is an intensely feminine look that speaks of a woman from another time or decade. Expect to reach your full potential for the season when Venus, the planet that rules couture, resides in your sign in May.

Johnny Burnais: Ms. Aries, you have a very confident side that echoes the vibration of the color purple. Show it off with Pantone’s color of the year, radiant orchid. Whether in an A-Line dress, shoes or a bag, this bold color will help your new chapter begin.




JR: You indulge in elegance that can last a lifetime, so a couple of classic pieces are all that you can allow for this season. Scarves and neck adornments are your go-tos. With the planet Saturn opposite your sun for some time now, things have seemed tight, but hang on a bit longer and you will see the things you love in abundance.

JB: Harmonizing timeless pieces already in your closet, such as a crisp white button-down shirt with a black pencil skirt, keeps you right on trend and is nice on your pocketbook. Shop for accessories like bright scarves, thick-rimmed sunglasses and matte lipsticks to put your own spin on retro Hollywood looks!



JR: Overall, you find spring to be an easygoing time for you. Don’t think it’s boring because soon, you will be back in the thick of things. Take the time now to write down what it is you want to accomplish. Make a list for short and long term goals and then put it someplace you will see it every day. Think silver and light when you adorn yourself.

JB: This is such a lovely period of life, so make sure you enjoy it. Try wearing clothes that work for any occasion. Opt for stretchy clothing and backpacks (think of the sporty trend when you get dressed). Looking stylish in a casual way will allow you to slow down and embrace that ready-for-anything feeling that is naturally you.



JR: Don’t spend time worrying that you’ve gotten carried away with spending. There really is enough, in fact, there is more than enough with Jupiter, the abundance planet, in your sign. Come out of your shell. Put on a party dress and expand your horizons. This happens once every 12 years, so you might as well absorb the good.

JB: This has been a long time coming, so now is the time to embrace, indulge and love what is happening. You may have noticed a lighter energy about you, manifesting new ways to show yourself to the world. Synchronize those feminine instincts with your natural magnetism and vivid animal prints.



JR: With a number of planets in fire this spring, you have a bit more ease this season. You don’t like pinching pennies, it’s hardly royal. There is more gold to be spent at this time and who better to spend it on than yourself. Time for some new kicks in April with Venus in Pisces ruling the feet. Get what you want but don’t get carried away.

JB: Your passionate temptation for reinvention has come at a perfect time. Life becomes lighter and easier. So match your soft demeanor with a brand new haircut and color. Think soft curls or straight hair swept to the side, held up with gold hair accessories.



JR: Late spring is the best part of the season for you. Planets in Earth signs support your fiscal progress. You have been cautious and now you can indulge in some special items you want. Normally you tend to like simple pieces, but you will find yourself upping your game.

JB: Your patience is finally paying off. Your work and pleasure balancing act is working and people are noticing in a good way. So you can loosen up that collar. Think of a sophisticated school girl escaping from class with unbuttoned collar shirts, micro-pleated skirts and pastel cardigans.



JR: It doesn’t matter what others think of you, it’s the grace you carry yourself with that matters. Don’t get caught looking unkempt. Stick to a simple professional demeanor. Change up your outlook and your frames.

JB: Sometimes it’s not how you enter a room, it’s how you are remembered once you leave. Those little stylish touches count, and you are the master Ms. Libra. Your accessories are what gets noticed this season and your softer side will rejoice in pastel manicures, makeup and bracelets.



JR: Will the winter of your discontent ever end? Yes it will, just not this spring. You only have to keep yourself under control for a bit longer and the road will be much smoother. There will be a some time this season for fun and games.

JB: Incorporate some color into your wardrobe for spring. Invest in brightly colored cropped jackets to amp up your neutral palette and show everyone that fun and serious can easily fuse.



JR: Travel and education are highlighted for you this season. You have begun to incorporate more originality into your style. It’s not for everyone, but it’s never boring. Have fun in the shoe department.

JB: This season, ’90s revival has revealed many sides and you are one of them. Make a statement in bright colors and printed jumpsuits, and protect your new cut and color with some new hats. You are the perfect fashion muse for spring.



JR: You work so diligently, treat yourself this spring. Are you going somewhere tropical? The lighter you carry your psychic load, the more good can come your way.

JB: Take your amazing attention to detail and focus that energy on yourself. That means creating a time to escape from your everyday routine with a massage at your favorite local spa or one even in another country. Look luxurious and comfortable this season with a spaghetti strap dress and new strappy heels.



JR: This season dial it down and go with clean and classic. In order to surprise, you might subdue. Just a thought. Pearls are the accessory of the season.

JB: Sport some new off-the-shoulder tops with matching bottoms and express your personal pizzazz with statement accessories.



JR: It’s time to finally get some things that you feel good in. It doesn’t matter how great something looks if you don’t feel comfortable in it. Jackets wind up being a good deal, and though you prefer looser ones, a tailored look will give you the leverage you want to take it to the next level.

JB: It’s time to invest in some new matching nail and lip polish combos.


Original, via Huffington Post

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