The New It Cream: BB & CC Cream

So we’ve all heard of the infamous bb cream. Blemish balm is an all in one miracle worker and apparently replaces moisturizer, cover up, foundation, etc. Mainly sold in South Asian markets, US retailers have begun to pick up the craze in the US. I was slightly skeptical of all the raving claims, but had to try it out for myself. After doing some research, I discovered that Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream was the best and headed to Sephora. During the winter, I am prone to rosy cheeks, and photos only highlight that problem. While I am not a fan of most make up, this is my new go to product.

Now, you can only imagine how happy I was when I heard about CC Cream. CC cream is a colored cream you match with the undertone of your skin that you want to cover up. For example, if you have redness like me, you would get a green cream to counteract it. Color correcting cream is the best thing since tinted moisturizer. CC’s help to fade discoloration while giving a nice glow, and what could be better than that?

While I will never be piling on the make-up, I will be keeping these two products at the ready. Check them out for yourself, or let me know what your favorite beauty product is so I can see what the hype is about!

bb and cc cream

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