Fur: The New Essential

While stalking all of the runway photos, street style photos, and Instagrams of the fashionistas in New York this past week, I noticed a few things, one of them being: fur is back. On the runways and on the streets, fur was seen in stoles, hats, scarves, and everything in between. You can get the look with Chicago based designer C/Fan. Designer Christina Fan offers furs in vibrant colors and a variety of accessories. You can check it out on her website.

Photos: WWD.com

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  1. Faux fur is not environmentally renewable and is terribly dirty. Anybody with an environmental science degree knows this and fights for the native and local people in rural areas that make the fur trade and its byproducts possible. Even fur farms are an amazing part of the renewable cycle of life (and are far from the hellish propoganda idea spawned by PETA — who has admitted it pays people to torture animals for photo ops so it can slander the entire industry). The fur trade produces jobs to artisans, trappers, and people that live close to the land while supplying gorgeous, heirloom items. I cannot and would not live without fur; especially not in these mountains!

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