Yeezus Concert T-Shirts

November 2013

If you’ve been following the Yeezus tour, you probably know about the variety of shirts that have been released and are available to grab online, via the pop up shop, or at the concerts. Instead of the typical concert T-shirt with the rappers face plastered on the front and his tour dates on the back, Kanye went his own route and produced a line of original Wes Lang designs. Complex pointed out that the shirts were inspired by old school Metallica and reminiscent of vintage 80s concert Ts. At a glance the shirts look like normal graphic Ts, but when you take a closer look, you’ll notice the questionable statements and confederate flags on some of the shirts. There has been some backlash against the designs, but is Kanye just trying to make a statement like his politically motivated songs on the Yeezus album?

Will you be grabbing one of these t-shirts while they’re around or passing on them all together?

Photos via Complex Mag


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