Thank You: Corner Store Shopper

October 28th 2013

I stumbled upon the site Cast of Vices a while ago, and like their unique range of out of the ordinary items. Originally, the “Coming or Going” bracelet was what caught my eye. Since finding this site, they have developed a great roster of jewelry, leather baseball hats, and the list goes on and on. More recently, the Corner Store Leather Shopper caught my eye.

I like the concept of taking something ordinary, and making it unusual. I would sling this bag over my shoulder to run to meetings and class. It’s made of 100% calfskin, so the quality will stand the test of time. At $198.00, the bag is made of high quality materials with reinforced stitching to make sure it won’t fall apart. This bag could add a great twist to an otherwise pretty plain outfit.The bag comes in a vast array of dyed leathers, but of course I stuck with basic black.

Bonus: the Shopper is made in the USA, right out of LA.

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 9.48.52 AM

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