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The $400 Snapback

When I first saw the newest editions to the Just Don designs, I geeked out a little bit. I’m a lover of the snapback, and have been lusting after a few all leather versions from the last few collections. My favorite designs lately, involving black python. All together, the hats have a very sleek and for the most part, minimalistic look. The hats are made by Mitchell & Ness, which carries pretty cool sportswear and some ordinary team emblazoned snapbacks.

With a lot of designer X rapper X brand collabs popping up lately, many involving great snapbacks, the question of “Should I pay $400 for a hat” has come up a lot.

When you order a Just Don hat, in particular from RSVP Gallery, one of the best street wear spots in Chicago, it comes well packaged. While there is great quality that goes into these hats, i.e. the all python bill and strap, the gold buckle, lambskin underside, and intricate stitching, the value is still questionable. On the contrary, I have read review upon review of the hat, and true street wear fanatics have been backing up the price. The hat is all about the small details, like the lambskin on the back of the strap, the gold buckle, etc. The color ways on the hats are impeccable, and if you are going to invest in a hat of this worth, you might as well grab one that you can wear with everything.

While I am still not sure of where I stand on this…how do you guys feel? Good investment, or waste of money?


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