Back to School Beauty Tips

Lily Arendt | September 10th 2013

Stressed about heading back to school? No worries! Resident Beauty Guru Lily Arendt has got you covered!

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1. Wear sunscreen! Do I even need an explanation? All over sunscreen coverage is essential for the hot summer months, but it’s important to apply sunscreen daily that has an SPF of 15 or higher. Try to find a face moisturizer that has SPF included! This way you’re protecting yourself from the sun’s harmful rays and maintaining soft, healthy skin. 

2. Don’t pop those pimples! It’s tempting, I know, but trying to get rid of your acne with your not-so-clean hands may actually lead to scarring, infections, or even permanent cysts! When squeezing a pimple, you are actually driving debris from the pore down deeper into your skin follicles, which can lead to infection that spreads throughout the face. To save yourself from these disturbing facts, try the hands-off approach when dealing with your next pimple.

3. Drink more H2O! The human body, on average, is made up of 60% water and it’s recommended that women drink about 8 glass of water a day. This may seem like many trips to the bathroom, but it’s worth it when it comes to skin health! Cells in your body that don’t get enough fluids will shrivel, and your skin cells are no exception. Dehydration can cause dryness and wrinkles, so drink more water to keep those skin cells hydrated and looking fabulous!

4. Rinse your face with COLD water!  The skin on your face produces oils that are used as a natural moisturizer. If you wash your face with warm or hot water, the pores on your face will open up and these natural oils will be washed away. Without these natural oils, your skin will become dry and can lead to acne breakouts. This can be avoided by washing your face with cold water. The use of cold water keeps pores at their normal size and allows the makeup and sweat to be washed away from the surface of the skin without touching those beneficial oils!

5. More beauty rest! I understand the struggle when it comes to getting enough sleep during the school year. You’ve all experienced the under eye bags and dark circles that come along with stress and lack of sleep, but luckily your body goes into “repair” mode when you sleep! During those hours of rest, your body is firming your skin by replacing old skin cells with new ones. So instead of spending your money on concealer to cover up those dark circles, prevent them by crawling into bed early one night!

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