Lollapalooza Style Part II

Matt Von Nida | August 10th 2013

The Classic

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 6.50.31 PM

I could have gone with the classic frat tank top look for this one, but I love the way Dave added class to this classic look. Daves dark lavender Ralph Lauren polo and khaki shorts paired with a sporty backwards hat screamed frat guy with class. He probably wore the frat tank last year, but hes matured and found a nice job probably in the financial district of Chicago since then. Its nothing to write home about in the fashion industry, but it is a popular look commonly found at Lolla.

The Enthusiast

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 6.50.38 PM

Diego is devoted to live music, and his outfit kind of just falls into place from there. Hes probably been to several music festivals and a ton of concerts. I noticed Diego at Little Green Cars, and his Urban Outfitters floral buttonup, bright shorts, and Beatles sunglasses just fit perfectly with the music we were jamming out to.

He loves his bands, and even if his outfits change, I have a feeling Diegos attire will always match his favorite bands.

The Effortless

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 6.50.44 PM

Its not that he doesnt care, he just doesnt try.” We know the truth, Mike. This is a common festival look that takes a lot of effort to pull off. Mike probably spent hours putting together his outfits for Lolla, but hed never tell us that. The floral short sleeve shirt was coordinated with precision to match his RayBan Clubmaster sunglasses. If we followed Mike around, I bet he spent days running around the city looking for the perfect shoes to match that pinkish lavender flower on his shirt. You look good, Mike, but were on to you!

The Optimist

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 6.50.51 PM

Not much needs to be said about Scotty May. He rocks this Laissez Fair outfit and makes you smile while doing it. His shirt reads, “Its all about fun and games until youre dead inside.” Its optimistic because its ironic, right? What I love the most about Scotty is his devotion to this look. Those mustaches dont grow over night!


Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 6.51.00 PM

This I dont give a F***” look is on point. Edward Calzada pulled together the ideal denim combo for Lolla that seemed to match his attitude. He came to enjoy his favorite artists and not care what anyone around him thought. He looked good while doing it, and promoted a badass look too. I love the two shades of denim blue; and the goldrimmed sunglasses really stick out with that glamorous gold watch to match.

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