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Matt Von Nida | August 9th 2013

The Fanatic

If youve ever made it to the very front of a crowd during a concert, you have met Mike. Mike loves music, people, and energy. He probably waited for hours to see his favorite artists, and he became best friends with everyone around him. The mud covering his shoes and ripped up shorts tell us that Mike got was pretty rowdy for bands like AltJ and The Killers.

But Mike isnt completely careless. He loves these bands and he wants to look nice for them. The ‘70s sweater vest with a short sleeve button up match Mikes hightight and messy haircut just right. His black newage sunglasses tell us he is in it for the long haul, so dont plan on getting ahead of him during Mumford and Sons.

The Sunday Afternoon

The Sunday Afternoon look is an essential image for a music festival located in the middle of Chicagos hustle and bustle. Its the perfect look to please your family at Sunday brunch and your boss at work on Friday before you race off to catch a headliner. Joe pulled together the perfect Sunday afternoon outfit. His light cotton button up transitions perfectly to a festival look with his effortless half untuck. Joe wore lightweight navy blue dress pants which rolled up perfect to enhance his festival transformation. And finally, Joes burnt sienna dress shoes are just as worthy of compliments at Sunday church as they are at a Vampire Weekend show.

The Patriot

If you were at Lolla, you saw a million American flags. From tank tops to shoes, patriotism was at its finest this year. I absolutely had to find the most patriotic of Lollapalooza, and Brad won me over immediately.

From his Chubbies American flag shorts to his stars and stripes bandana, Brad made me feel proud to be a modern American. Brads classic ‘80s tee and the hair to fit the look combined a vintage and modern image of a new American pride that doesnt focus solely on winning wars. I found Brad (very fittingly) rocking this look at Kendrick Lamar.

The Bonnaroo

The Bonnaroo is an avid festival goerwho knows the ins and outs of all music festivals. Well actually, he only went to his first music festival at Bonnaroo a couple months ago, and has since deemed himself the music festival connoisseur. Maybe hes on drugs, maybe hes drunk, maybe hes just flat out crazy we dont know because hes too high on Lollas energy. Regardless, Lolla

wouldnt have been complete without this fun outfit. Im not going to talk about his toe shoes or cargo shorts.. But hey! The colors of his outfit at least coordinate for whatever energyhe was on.

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