Cheap Thrills: Beach Edition

July 22nd 2013

With the sweltering heat constantly rising, there is nothing better then going to the Lakefront, beach, or pool. Personally, I love shopping for swimsuits, but recently have been having trouble finding styles that I like in stores. With this, I turned online to see if my needs could be met. After ordering a few adorable swimsuits, I wondered if anyone else was having the same problem as me. After asking around, I found out that the answer was yes.

After searching through a few different sites, I found some cost affective ways in which you can get your swim suit fix. ASOS, Forever 21, River Island, and others offered a full range of bikinis and one pieces. Not crazy about a one piece? Sometimes you have to think of them in a different way. A maxi skirt, or high waisted jean shorts pulled on over a fun one piece make the body look slim and draw attention to all the right areas. I’m all about multi uses for my clothing.

$25(.46) and Under

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1. Cactus Romper: $15.80

2. Knotted One Piece: $24.80

3. Scuba Crop Top and Bottom: $16.80 & 12.80

4. Black Fringe Bikini Top: $4.95

5. Black Bikini Bottom: $9.95

6. Crochet Bikini Bottom: $12.95

7. Crochet Bikini Top: $14.95

8. Snapback: $22.00

9. Watermelon Head Wrap: $14.00

10. Goddess Head Wrap: $19.00

11. White Zipper Bikini: $25.46 & 16.97

$40 and Under

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1. Sunglasses: $32.00

2. Sunglasses: $32.00

3. Wolf One Piece: $31.00

4. Studded Sandals: $30.00

5. Black Strappy Bikini Top: $27.15

6. Patterned Cage Bikini: $27.15 & $23.76

7. Yellow Bikini: $33.94 & $27.15

8. Maxi Dress: $37.33

$55 and Under

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1. Woven Sandals: $52.00

2. Royal Blue One Piece: $54.30

3. Cutout Mesh One Piece: $50.91

4. Black Cut Out One Piece: $47.52

5. Black Cut Out Maxi: $42.43

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