The Beanie

Hallie Woods | June 15th 2o13

Hey guys! Sorry Street Style Chi went MIA for a little while. Now that finals are over…we are back! This time, with a guest post from Hallie at the University of Kansas.

The beanie is one of my absolute favorite looks. It definitely isn’t a chic look and something you would want to pair with a classy gown; however, it can go with much more than the average shopper would think. It will definitely give you more of the grunge look but can turn any outfit into something more.

By more, I mean a lot of things. Depending on how you choose to wear your beanie you can add a relaxed kick backed look or something totally different. It’s an item I believe should be in everyone’s closet. Most people think its something you just wear when its cold or your hair is not at its best.

I dare you to try something different. Fashion is all about risk and expressing oneself after all, right? Try it out with a high-wasted skirt or shorts with a tucked in graphic tee. It will totally change your outfit into something different.

I honestly think a beanie can almost go with anything and everything. I always have my mustard yellow beanie ready to go with me out the door. I swear it goes with more than I have ever imagined. Plus I bought it at Target for about 10 dollars, definitely an affordable awesome item!


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