The Perfect Pout: Bold Lips

Lily Arendt | April 30th

Bright and bold lips. I’ve seen this trend creeping up on campus lately and I think it’s PERFECT for the spring and summer months! If it’s a trend you’ve never tried before, it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and go for it! For beginners, I recommend pairing your new bold lips with a neutral face, meaning go light on the eye makeup and stick with bronzer instead of blush. (You don’t want your cheeks to match your lips) Check out these photos and watch out for a future video on some of my lipstick secrets and the trick to picking out the right shade of lipstick for your skin tone!

A big thanks to Sammy, Mary and Jodie for letting me post their pictures and you can find some of these photos and more at: Teen Vogue 

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