Swimsuit Season

Jodie Lyons | April 29th 2013

You can really tell it’s swimsuit season when the gym is all of a sudden packed with girls. Even though it’s still a little chilly here in Chicago, now is the time to start hunting down the perfect bathing suit for the summer before they sell out of the cutest styles! I’ve rounded up a few of the best ones in all different cuts and styles. So get rid of your old triangle tops and bandeaus and try a new trend!

High Waisted: This retro look is so flattering and is a really great way to add a new touch to that boring bandeau.

One Piece: Who said one piece’s can’t be hot? Pick one with cut outs or an awesome print and you’ll really stand out.

More Coverage On Top: Bikinis don’t always have to be so teeny. I love the way these bustier and halter tops look!

Flowey/Fringe Top: This style has been popping up everywhere! Fringe bikini tops have the perfect boho look.

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