Transition your…skin? How to Get Healthy Skin For Spring

Lily Arendt | April 17th 2013

Living my entire life in cities that have the coldest winters (Green Bay and Chicago), I’ve discovered how the bitter cold can cause unattractive dryness to a person’s face. Now that we’re moving towards springtime in Chicago, it’s time to refresh our faces for healthy skin! Here are some face products I use daily (that won’t break the bank) and highly recommend.

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The first product is the Olay Complete Daily Moisturizer. This moisturizer is for very sensitive skin. I always hesitate when buying new face products because unwanted oils or fragrances commonly cause breakouts. Luckily, Olay’s moisturizer is fragrance free, oil-free and has an added SPF of 15! I apply this every day after I get out of the shower, and sometimes before bed if my face is feeling dry from an afternoon workout.

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The next facial moisturizer is the Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream. I have never used this cream, but my older sister has and she absolutely loves it. I would call this product heavy duty, because one of its main purposes besides moisturizing is diminishing wrinkles. I know that that may not be a main concern with college students, but it’s never too early to start preventative care! My sister would recommend the fragrance free version of this product because the original has a strange smell.

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Now on to eye creams. I looked into buying an eye cream because 1) I wanted to reduce redness and puffiness and 2) I wanted to give my under eyes some TLC due to the amount of time I spend taking my makeup off every night. The first eye cream

I love is the RareMinerals Active Triple Treatment Eye Cream. This product is oil free, fragrance free and dermatologist tested. I found this product when shopping at a BareEssentials outlit store and since I use Bareminerals as my main face makeup, I wanted to try it out! This product is known for reducing puffiness and restoring firmness. In order to get full results I apply it in the morning and before bed.

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Another eye cream that I use is the Olay Regenerist Eye Regenerating Cream. I use this product less than the RareMinerals eye cream but that’s because this has a touch of concealer for basic under eye coverage. If I feel that my under-eye bags are more visible than usual, I put this on before I put on the rest of my makeup for the day.

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And the last, but probably most important, product for springtime is the Blistex Medicated Lip Balms with SPF 15. I know how easy it is to forget about your lips when you’re headed to the beach or are spending more time outside as the weather gets nicer, but your lips need special attention! Any lip balm with SPF is great, but this is my favorite. Keep it with you and reapply throughout the day! There are many flavors of Blistex, so go out and pick up your favorite.  My favorite flavor is mint!

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*No products in this post were gifted.

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