Khai Khai…What?

For as long as I can remember, I have loved fashion. Or, at least I thought I loved fashion. One might ask, what do you mean? There is a large difference between loving the current trends, and truly appreciating a fine piece of clothing, or bag, or shoe…etc. Growing up, I always had the typical Return to Tiffany necklace or bracelet. It was not until recently, in the last year or so, that I started to truly appreciate jewelry and the way it can transform an outfit. A leather cuff, handful of rings,  and gold chain necklace  transform a cut off t-shirt from being drab, to grungy-chic. Believe me, I take advantage of that factor a lot.

One necklace? Never. Try five.

A watch? Only if it’s layered with a cuff and some delicate chain bracelets.

A ring? +4

When it comes down to it, I really love jewelry, and I never thought I would. How did this happen? I can’t pinpoint an exact time, but it did, and I couldn’t be happier. Now, my face lights up when I find that perfect new ring to layer on my hand, just like it would if I found the perfect pair of jeans. In the last few months, I have been loving playful jewelry. Things that really pop out at you, something out of the ordinary. This is initially why I fell hard for Khai Khai Jewelry. Have you heard of Leandra Medine? The ultra funny Man Repeller? Of course you have! Her parents were jewelers, and her brother, Haim Medine, decided to follow in their foot steps as of recently. Since I discovered this collection, I have been digging deep into the crevices of the jewelry world to find playful designers that aren’t quite out there yet. I have a few cool posts coming up about this same topic, but for now, check out Khai Khai. Where else can you find a diamond YOLO necklace? Exactly.

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