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Last week, Joseph and I had the chance to go hangout with the fabulous guys and gals at FORD Models Chicago. The food was marvelous, the conversation was flowing, and the people we were surrounded with definitely knew how to have a good time. We were lucky enough to have David Sanchez, who works for FORD’s Womens Division, show us around and make us feel right at home. Along with the great party, I asked Dave a few questions, and got to hear Robin, the Director of the Womens Division, joke around about his oblivion to his dashingly good looks. Check out where our antics took us, as well as some great street style.

All photos by resident photographer, Joseph Kerins.

David and I.






                      AM: How did you get into the fashion industry, especially working at FORD? 


DM: I’d previously been a fashion model for many years, and transitioned into being an agent over four years ago.  I loved my experience as a model because I can relate to the models – I’ve been there done that so to speak.














AM: Where do you take inspiration from when getting dressed in the morning?   



DS: What I love about working at Ford is you never know who you are going to meet, so I try to dress for almost all occasions.  If I know I am going to an event after work, I try to put something special on.  But you need to look fashionable to work in the fashion business, so color is always important.  And a small accessory, like a ring, necklace or a cool watch is always fun.










AM: You’ve had an amazing career in the industry. What’s your favorite thing you have gotten to do thus far?



DM: Since I had modeled, the travel is the best part of this job.  Being an agent, being able to visit our other Ford offices is always exciting.

Robin said she would kill Joseph and I if we used a “bad” picture of her. There were no bad pictures taken.      




       AM: If you could look back and give yourself one piece of advice, what would it be?


      DS: Don’t try to be what you think you should be, just be yourself and don’t question it.






AM:  What is your favorite thing about living in Chicago? What differences in Chicago fashion do you see compared to other fashionable cities?


DS:   I love Chicago because of its people and energy.  Its a big city but doesn’t have that big city attitude, and that same approach comes across in the fashion industry.  We love to support our local designers –watching them grow into big names is really exciting!  We take fashion seriously here in Chicago…I mean look at Ikram, she’s a worldwide fashion icon and a hometown gal!  I truly admire her.



Stylish Michael Favia


The lovely Marcellus from E! who wants you all to know that he has a blue check mark next to his name on Twitter.







AM: There are so many fabulous trends trends happening right now. Which one would you recommend trying out?

       DS: I’m really into leather accessories right now, a good wallet or a beautiful overnight bag is always a staple.  I can’t live without my PVMN python wrist cuff at the moment.  The designer, Paola Victoria, is a dear friend of mine and you can purchase her beautiful leather goods from Colombia at Space 519 at the Shops at 900N.





Fashion photographer Casey Vange.


A little street style of our own!






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