Street Style with Jena of ChiCityFashion

There are a few blogs that I follow very closely, and truly respect. Most of them are based out of New York or California, but my favorite, is written right here in Chicago.  Jena of Chi City Fashion has killer style, a sweet personality, and has attended fashion week. She is a “Neon obsessed, Prabal enthusiast, and a shoe hoarder”

After running into Jena at Floriole a few weeks ago, I emailed her and asked if I could ask her some questions and take some street style pictures. I was lucky enough for her to agree.




1. What inspires you when you get dressed?


I usually have one piece in mind (whether it’s a bag, shoes, or a top) then I build my outfit around it. I’m more inspired by individual items than a look as a whole.



2. What’s the weirdest, or the coolest, place you have blogged from?


Poolside at my parents’ house in Arizona.



3. There are so many students at DePaul that you have inspired to start blogging. If you could go back and give yourself advice when you first started blogging, what would you tell yourself?


To not write about everything that’s sent my way. It gives PR companies and brands unrealistic expectations then you have to start pulling yourself away.




4. What will we be seeing from Chi City Fashion in the future?


I like to take things one day at a time but I do have some exciting giveaways and collaborations coming up. Stay tuned!



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