Joseph’s Picks from Shop 857



One thing that I love almost as much as I love Chanel, is independently owned boutiques. One thing that I love even more then that, is independently owned boutiques right near school. Right on the outskirts of DePaul University’s Lincoln Park campus, is a street called Armitage that I have talked about multiple times on this website. Joseph and I had the pleasure of meeting with the owner, and a very nice woman at the store who was also a DePaul grad, and taking some pictures of our favorite things. If you ever need a dress no one else will have, or a top that will wow, hands down, you should check out this store. Here are Joseph’s picks from the store. Look out for mine tomorrow!







Shop some of Joseph’s Picks:

Sheer Bird Blouse

Suburst Necklace

Joseph’s other picks are not available online.

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