DePaul’s Hottest 22 Under 22: Nic Bavetta

I got a chance to chat with Nic backstage at Lincoln Hall this past weekend. Not only is interviewing musicians very different then interviewing fashionistas, it’s just as much fun! We had a great time discussing college parties, sneakers, and of course, music. Amongst hoards of girls, tons of photographers, and getting ready to go on stage, I somehow managed to get this interview. Look out for another interview with some big names in Chicago coming out shortly.
Where: Lincoln Hall
When: January 26th 2013


AM: What’s your main focus right now? 

NB: My main focus right now is collaborating with best friend and musical prodigy Julian Spark, and launching an online community with apparel available, a blog, and much more, so stay on the lookout. It’s gonna be big.

AM: Wow, how do you balance all of that with school, friends, and all of the other things going on? 

NB: My Music stuff?

AM: Everything, building an online community can’t be easy.

NB: Easy. I incorporate it all together. I keep all of my friends heavily involved with everything I do.

Some of my friends will be contributing as bloggers, while some will give me ideas for apparel designs. For music videos, i get all of my friends together to be in them. 

AM: So what about school? Seems like you’re on the fast track.

NB: As for school, im a computer science major, so i’m in to that nerdy stuff. I take what i learn in school, and apply it to what i love, im taking that nerdiness and building an online music community/blog. 
AM: So it’s all coming together quite nicely. What’s next for you besides the online community launch? 
NB: Over the past year, my best friend and I , who goes by  the stage name Julian Spark, have received a pretty good buzz online. we have videos on youtube ranging from 1k to 12k views

its cool to look back at those songs and think, ‘wow, we made this in my room’ like vocals are recorded in my closet for god sakes! But anyway, we have so much in the works right now, and honestly, i could see this year being big for us. “Big” might be different for different people, but i am confident in what we are working on. We actually just collabed with hi-rez, it was crazy.

AM:  So basically in a month or so, I’ll be saying “Wow, I know him!” 

NBWho knows! Maybe! 
AM: So in case any of the ladies want to stalk you on campus, where can we find you hanging out at DePaul?
NB: Honestly, when i’m not in class, i’m at my place either making music or working on websites/graphic design. However, i dont live under a rock, people are always coming through my place to hang, so its kind of become the hangout spot. So, if any lucky ladies want to join, all are welcome.

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