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If you have not heard of Christian Siriano, then you are very behind. Just a few years ago, Siriano was a contestant on Project Runway, creating incredibly detailed pieces, that eventually helped him win the fourth season. This past week at e Drop-Off, Siriano held a trunk show that doubled as a fabulous party. The pieces are full of rich textures, whimsical fabrics, and can easily be added into your already existing wardrobe. Some things that I am loving this season, are large, over sized furry jackets, and slim, structured, leather pieces. Both are great for layering. Throw on the jacket when going out at night, take it off to reveal an understated, yet sexy, leather top. Lucky for you, Siriano offers exceptional versions of both of those.


Along with a great designer event, comes a great crowd. I was lucky enough to have Joseph and Amy at the event covering the happenings, as well as the vast array of street style you will see below. One thing the Chicago fashion scene is not lacking, is great style.







This past Fall season, structured bags popped up on every designer runway. When I saw this bag, I instantly fell in love. The shape would provide me plenty of room to shove all of my useless crap inside, while the handles look sturdy enough for me to lug the bag around all day. The print on the bag is not over powering, and although bold, could be worn with a variety of outfits. This bag would look stylish running between meetings and class. Pure perfection. Let’s be honest, who needs love when you could have a great wardrobe? Mhhm.

Corri McFadden and Christian Siriano





I love how this mannequin was styled. The tough, structured, leather jacket helps to balance out the flowy skirt. This jacket/dress combo transform what would have otherwise been a very normal dress, into an edgy masterpiece. This look is perfect for a winter formal, or a fashion show. Side note: notice the detailing on the sleeves. Small accents are everything and bring this to another level.


Spotted! One of our favorite designers here at Street Style: Caught on Campus: Jenna from Cotton Candy Couture! Look out for a major post coming out about her line very soon!



I know what you are thinking. How the hell am I going to wear that tiny, midriff bearing, leather tank top in the winter? Fear not my friends. The structure of this top would be extremely flattering. You can tell just by looking at where the stitching is placed. This top would look amazing with a high waisted, wool, dark green skirt. I would top this look off by throwing a black blazer over it. Do not be afraid to mix textures, that is half the fun of getting dressed in the morning…or changing outfits three times a day.








When I saw the pictures of this leather skirt, a little piece of me died inside. I love the fact that this is not a pencil skirt, but because of the pleats, flounces out a little bit and is over all, extremely flattering. I would pair this with a sheer white tank top and maroon tights. Although a leather skirt might seem to be a bit intimidating, it is actually extremely easy to wear. I throw mine on all the time, even with just a tshirt and boots. You can dress a leather skirt up or down in two seconds. It also makes the perfect transition piece from Fall to Winter simply by layering your look, and then again from Winter to spring with the subtraction of layers.


Does she not look fabulous? This Christian Siriano creation is spot on. The cut and cinched waist are extremely flattering. I love the way she styled it with plain black pumps. You have to be careful when accessorizing a dress with a strong pattern. You never want your look to become too busy. She did the perfect job here.



The famous leather jacket from the mannequin I raved about above. Need I say more? I did not think so.


It is not very often that I become flat out obsessed with a mans outfit. This, is one of those rare times. This unusual camo jacket adds a very urban feel to the look, while the simple button down and pants keep the outfit grounded. I also think the beanie was a nice touch. It feeds my current hat obsession.






This top is everything. It has the ability to go from day to night with the simple change of shoes and accessories. The gathered waist works well here and does not over power the look as a whole. Lace and nude are two of the largest happenings this winter, and you should jump on the chance to wear them with a statement top like this.



Now, do not even get me started on this coat. Can we talk details for a second? More like ten minutes…but I won’t do that to you. The double collar gives this jacket an extra grunge effect, while still holding the ability to look timeless. The textured bottom half and sleeves bring this coat to a whole new status. The off blue/dark gray color works well as a whole, I am tired of seeing plain black jackets.






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