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As you may have read in my post yesterday…I love small boutiques.  There is just something about them that is intimate, and gives me a good feeling inside.  One of my favorite small boutiques that just happens to be right near school, is Shop 857.  At the moment, they have a great deal of leather accents, dark greens, and amazing fall/winter pieces. I loved every item that I picked up that day, and will have a hard time not going back and buying out the whole store.  All of the Lincoln Park boutiques are having a fashion show at the end of November, and you should highly consider going. I will definitely be covering that fabulous event, and reveling in the fact that the next day I can go buy what I watched walk down the runway.

One thing that I always get asked, is what do I like? Where do I shop? You guys have asked, so now I am going to start answering. Last week, I profiled the The Blue Jeans Bar, this week, I’ve got a few more places coming your way. Personally, I do not like to dress like everyone else, and I do not always follow trends. That is why I am going to start doing “Boutique Profiles.” These will be places you can go find some of your new favorite things, and hopefully share with your friends. If there’s a boutique you think I should check out, let me know and I will! I love finding new places with great treasures. Before Christmas, Andrew will be creating a special treat for you guys, so keep your eyes peeled.


Here are my picks from Shop 857. As you could have guessed before, my picks consist of a ton of black and tank tops. I fell in love with this tiny skull necklace. I would layer it in between the two crosses that I wear daily. You guys can go pick one of these up yourself!

Shop 857’s Website




Shop some of Alex’s Picks:


Feathered Tank Top

Skull Necklace

Sequin Tank Top (Check out the criss cross back!)




While you’re at it, check out the awesome jewelery selection they have in stock. Surprisingly, Kim Kardashian’s line “Belle Noel” has some pieces you will find yourself craving. There is also the usual “House of Harlow” by Nicole Richie. I do not think there is a piece I don’t like from her hippie chic line. If you know me well, then you know I always have a ton of jewelery on. Sometimes simple, sometimes not so simple. Lately, I have been loving statement rings. My favorite ring that I saw in the store, was the deep, shiny, gold stoned ring in the top picture all the way to the left.

An equally cool detail in the store, is the chalkboard wall. You can tell a ton of work went into this store from the paint colors, to the items actually being sold. I have never seen a display quite done the same way, and the image will stick with me for a long time. I truly think it makes a shopping experience better when someone loves their store, products, etc, just as much as you do. This is one of those places.


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