Fashion Focus Chicago: Round Two

Thursday night, I had the honor of covering the “Fashion Takes Flight” fashion show that was a part of Fashion Focus Chicago. Not only was the venue crazy fun, but the show itself was amazing. I would like to say thank you to Imaginary People for having me as their guest. Their show was full of beautiful irregular shapes, great attention to detail, and one versatile piece after another. I can honestly picture any girl of any shape, size, and body type in their clothing, which is rare to find in a designer clothing line. There was not one piece in their show that I did not like, and you can check it out for yourself in the photos below. Actually, that is a lie…there were giant bird costumes that I would not be caught dead in. Even for Halloween.

      The venue was Chase Promenade, the same venue as the previous show I covered. It is set up in Millennium Park like Mercedez-Benz Fashion week.  They had manicurists there doing customized manicures, plentiful cupcakes, and a “make your own make up” table. It was a lot of fun to hangout before the show!


I will be at parties, events, and shows for Fashion Focus from 1-10pm tonight, and I’ll be covering the Vintage Apres Noir Fashion Show so stay tuned for live tweets and Instagrams:

 @alimoresco and ALEXMORESCO

 Will you be at any events today? If so let me know and say hi!

For the second show, I wore Halston Heritage and my signature double cross.  


I was captivated by the woman doing my nails while she wrote my initials on them and covered them in glitter.





Imaginary people not only had my favorite collection, but they also had the best music.








A few of my other favorites from the show:











I will be doing a seperate post on Atelier Azza’s show so be on the look out!


At this moment I was half like “what is happening” and half “I get the bird metaphor now.





Mario “Make me a Model” contestants.








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