Fashion Focus Chicago: Round One

Last night I had the pleasure of attending The Macy’ Fashion Incubator Fashion Show in Millennium Park. First and foremost I would like to thank Christina of Christina Karin for having me as her guest. I am extremely grateful! Her show was amazing, full of futuristic sequin accents, flowing dresses in bright spring colors, and flattering fits. Surprisingly, a great combo of all these elements is hard to find. I am beyond obsessed and hopefully some of these pieces will be mine int he future.

The show was set up beautifully with a long stage, bright colorful lights, and adorable goodie bags on every seat. I was excited that I was seated in the second row and had a clear view of the stage, along with my name on my chair. Over all, it was a pretty cool moment. I attended with Amy and my good friend Maureen.

Despite the torrential down pours, it was an amazing time. I am attending the “Fashion Takes Flight” show tonight and will have a post up about that so be on the look out!




Christina and I.


Maureen and I. True love?




Moe in that fashion swag


A seat just for me!











The spring version of the dress I wore for the show.









Here are a few other well done pieces from the show that I will be taking inspiration from:















Amy and I. Love?



Selfiez 4 lyfe…jk but I actually wore make up to the show. If you know me, this is a pretty big deal.


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