A Tutorial with Blowtique

As the busy, successful, women I know we all are, we often over look a very serious part of looking polished and fashion ready: our hair. Your hair can be your best accessory, and you should treat it that way. Often times,  I find myself running out the door in a carefully constructed outfit, but something feels off. Well, I have found the missing part of the equation: a fast and easy hairstyle that anyone can throw together for class, work, or more importantly, two fun formal events coming up: Homecoming and Snowball. Joseph and I had the pleasure of meeting with Blowtique: a chic blow-out boutique, last week, so they could solve our hair woes. Not only did I learn how to pull myself together, I had an over all pleasant time chatting and enjoyed my time spent in the stylists chair. I am going back on February 2nd to get my hair blown out for Snowball. The hardest part about this is…do I want the “The Sunset” blow-out or the “Fifth Avenue” blow-out? If you think a blowout means straight limp hair, think again and check out the Blowtique blow dry menu here. In the mean time, check out these hairstyles you can do yourself, or better yet, go visit the ladies at Blowtique for a blow out or up-do. When blow-outs and styles start at $35, why wouldn’t you?
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*Photos by Joseph Kerins for StreetStyleChi

1. Start by taking two bobby pins and a hair elastic, and attaching the bobby pins with the hair elastic. 2. Gather hair into smooth ponytail at the crown of your head. 
3. Use a brush or comb to smooth over hair and create a polished look.

4. Take the elastic and bobby pin combo and wrap the elastic around the ponytail, and insert the bobby pins directly into the ponytail. This creates ever lasting hold and prevents and ponytail from drooping.
5. Smooth your hairline over with a paste. We used “Oribe Fiber Groom” which you can find at Blowtique.
6. Tease the ponytail until it is very large. You can do this by back combing with a small tooth comb.

7. Wrap teased hair into a bun, secure with bobby pins, and hairspray to keep your hairstyle in place all night.
8. Done!
9. If you are going to a formal event, you can always dress the top knot up with a headband or crystal accents.

1. Gather all hair to one side, except for the top section. You are going to push this to the other side, or clip it up on top of your head.
2. Grip the hair tightly and separate into two sections.
3. Fishtail braid hair. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the fishtail braid, here is a simple tutorial to get you rolling: Click me

4.Tie the hair with an elastic at the end so there is still a decent amount of hair not braided.
5. Pull the braid apart with your fingers to give it a messy look.
6. Smooth the hair you left out at the top towards the back of your neck. You can use a comb if necessary.

7. Wrap hair around the base of the braid. Besides polishing off this fun style, it helps to hold the braid in place.
8. Secure the hair you looped around the base of the braid with bobby pins. Make sure to put the bobby pins at the underside of the braid so they do not stick out. Spray with a bit of hairspray to add hold.

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