Alex and Joseph’s Picks from Christina Karin

 If you haven’t heard me talk about my infinite love for designer Christina Karin, then this must be your first time reading! Between her sequin accents, to the pungent prints, I just cannot get enough. Here is a sneak peak at Christina’s Spring collection. Joseph and I picked out favorite dresses from this seasons line, and will have a full post coming soon so you can pick your own favorite! We loved the futuristic shoulders on the gray dress, the bright print and flattering waist on the second dress, and the flowy, whimsical feel on the bottom dress. After seeing the whole collection strut down the runway at Fashion Focus I knew it would be a great season. What I love about Christina Karin, is that there is truly something for everyone. I find that with a lot of designers, I have trouble finding a dress that fits well in all the right places. I have a small waist and large butt, so the proportions are often off. With Christina’s pieces, I find that I do not have that issue. If your body is anything like mine, you should definitely check it out. Christina Karin might be coming to a DePaul runway near you, so be on the lookout in March. *hint hint charity fashion show hint hint wutttt*

 Alex’s and Joseph’s Picks:




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